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PMarketing3 on June 25, 2022
In my hubspot I have 1300 contacts records and 1000 companies records but it is not returning those records to me. One day before I was testing this api endpoints I was getting proper results means getting all the data that from HUBSPOT same goes wi read more
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elizeumartins on June 24, 2022
Autodialer integrated with HubSpot. I need to know if there is an API or App way to have an autodialer integrated into HubSpot? Or if there is a company that you know and already have the predictive dialer integrated with HubSpot.
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DBrown5 on June 24, 2022
We have several Shopfy accounts that run through HS and Shipstation. The integrations are great and customers are created when an order is placed and a deal is created that is associated to the customer in HS. What I would like to have is the tra read more
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CMarble on June 24, 2022
I am using Nextjs and for whatever reason messages are not being saved between route changes. However if I let the page load and then refresh the page the messages will work as expected and will be persistent between pages. Not sure why this is, read more
aomagalhaes on June 24, 2022
Hi there! I've created a test account in my Developer account. I tried to connect my app with the test account, but I'm getting this error: Insufficient scopes were provided. Please contact the app developer. All the scopes are working fine in my read more
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HGonzalez6 on June 24, 2022
In the following image I put the information I get via owa, but I can't find a service to extract that information via API, is this possible?
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Community Manager
June 24, 2022 12:12
Hey, @HGonzalez6 👋 Thanks for reaching out. To clarify, are you asking if there is a Deal or Search endpoint that can export a custom view? Is t...read more
klloyd__1 on June 24, 2022
Hello community! I've run into an issue where reading calculation properties via API really does not return relevant info about the property, how it's strucutred, what other fields it's referencing, etc. I'm attempting to read a calculation proper read more
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Stanza on June 23, 2022
Hi, I have the following url: https://api.hubapi.com/crm/v3/objects/notes?hapikey=XXXXXX Request body: { "hs_note_body" : "Customer Country is required" , "hs_timestamp" : "2019-10-30T03:30:17.883Z" } read more
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Community Manager
June 24, 2022 10:44
Hey, @Stanza 👋 I ran a couple of quick tests using the example provided for the POST/crm/v3/objects/notes endpoint and received a 201 re...read more
RyanNorris-PPT on June 23, 2022
I am creating a chatflow and want to get the title or URL or a hidden value from the page the user is engaging with the chatflow from so that it can be included in the ticket the chatbot creates. Is this possible?
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Recognized Expert | Partner
June 23, 2022 20:40
Hey @RyanNorris-PPT full transparency I'm not familiar enough with the chat ask or api. But if your operating on a Hubspot page you can pull da...read more
INikiforov on June 23, 2022
I have tried to search my events in hubspot by using API But I got the same incorrect result. Here is the API request I used. $searchdata = array( array( 'filterGroups' => array( 'filte read more
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Recognized Expert | Partner
June 23, 2022 20:41
Hey @INikiforov what is the response you're getting vs what you're expecting?
mannyhsieh on June 23, 2022
I was wondering if it is possible in to bypass the embeded hubspot form to show the video behind the form . Essentially we want 1 landing page and to do 2 things. Gate and ungate. And hoping adding additional text on the URL could do it. Our ho read more
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2 Replies
June 24, 2022 08:55
Thanks for the feedback! Regarding how to leverage the hs cookies and create the in and if contact function, is there some additional documentation th...read more
nyergler on June 23, 2022
Hello friends, I've noticed what I believe is a change in the schema API and I wanted to verify that it's operating as expected or if there's another way to find the information we need. Our product lets Hubspot users keep data in sync betwe read more
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Community Manager
June 23, 2022 16:26
Hey, @nyergler 👋 Great question. I cannot speak to past results, but I am going to run a quick test in my portal to see if I can verify the expe...read more
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