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Peta_APB on December 04, 2022
Hi all I’m trying to build a workflow that sends a webhook to an external application (Stripe) using a GET method. I feel I’m having trouble with one step. And I’ve been referring to the instructions here: https://knowledge.hubspot.co read more
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Liiiiinn on December 04, 2022
Hi, recently, I was trying to upgrade to the latest version of hubpsot api-sdk, but got many failures on methods like product. create etc. Looking into the issues, I found there are two issues that didnt exist on the older version: 1. problem: Name read more
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RChatty on December 03, 2022
Hi All, I'm new to HubSpot, I'm trying to export Activity of contact along with Marketing email. Can someone suggest me the best way to export marketing email activity either via API's or OOB. Thanks in advance.
YAydin on December 03, 2022
Hi, I am using Zapier to auto create contacts in Hubspot. However creating contacts and engagements etc. in Hubspot requires an email adress, even though I can create a contact in Hubspot without an email adress. I have looked through the Zap read more
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ЯЗдесь on December 02, 2022
Hello. I can't properly create a settings page. I want to create a transition to my site. I want to get some parameters for their further processing on my site. How do I do this? 1. Account component. What URL can I use? read more
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jhurwitz on December 02, 2022
Our web application uses SSO (with choices including Google sign-in and Github sign-in) for new user sign-up, and uses the HubSpot Forms API to create a new contact in HubSpot when a user signs up for our app. Sometimes (but not always), the origina read more
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ryhonda on December 02, 2022
Hi everyone! So, here is the situation: I need to attach big files (10MB~40MB) to send via e-mail in HubSpot, and according to the documentation the Single Send API does not have this implemented, and this could only be possible via SMTP API . read more
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RHsu7 on December 02, 2022
Hello, I was looking for the property_versions tables that would be included in the previous API for Hubspot. After some searching on the website and forums, I can't find an exact answer if it still exists in the new API, has a different name, o read more
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eibach-cv on December 02, 2022
Is there a request/way to get the hs_object_id for all object data in Hubspot?
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XiGuaBing on December 02, 2022
Is there a way to integrate Hubspot webhooks with Incoming webhook in Jira Automation? The Incoming webhook seems only accept POST requests with Content-Type/Json, which results in the error of " There was an error when trying to parse the webhook read more
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EKatowitz on December 02, 2022
I was contacted by my team and information that new contacts and companies created on HubSpot were not syncing properly to our in-house system. I did some testing and it appears that on November 22, 2022 that HubSpot changed the 'changeFlag' for read more
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QPillay on December 02, 2022
Installed this app but get a Netsuite permissions error even though the user has the correct permissions so unable to sync contacts or customers.
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