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SBrochadoVill on October 03, 2023
know the name and date of the history of a stage (business life cycle)
ZIsl94 on October 03, 2023
Hey, I wanted some help editing the template to merge duplicate contacts to delete them instead based on several criteria. This page is the sample code for merging duplicate contacts ( https://github.com/HubSpot/sample-workflow-custom-code/blob read more
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LLDev on October 03, 2023
I am sending a form to HubSpot through the API, then using a workflow to create the deal from the form and assign a contact. I have not found a way to automatically assign multiple contacts. I have also looked into using custom code in the workflow read more
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abiam on October 03, 2023
Hi! I'm trying to customize my form with some tweaks, and the last one I need to work is that, when the contact meets one of the three validation conditionals, the form needs to be stopped from sending the infos to hubspot. The code I already ha read more
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SDyer4 on October 03, 2023
Hi API codes now depreciated. I seem to need to set up a private app now but have no idea of settings to link Hubspot account to a signup form on a Wordpress website where I would normally require and API code
filipcte on October 03, 2023
I have some custom code inside a workflow: const hubspotClient = new hubspot.Client({ accessToken: process.env.API_TOKEN }); const objectType = "retreat"; const objectId = event.inputFields['retreat_id']; // 9180114708 const read more
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LUnderwood on October 03, 2023
I currently have a regular account that has access to a private app and have just created an app developer account. How can I link my app developer account to this private app so I can begin making API calls with my developer API key?
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CDP2023 on October 03, 2023
Hi! I have read through numerous posts that speak about how HubspotUTKToken cannot be associated with a contact created using contacts API. But these were some posts which were 2-3 years earlier. I wanted to understand if currently we do have this f read more
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DVadachkoria on October 03, 2023
Hello, So I have a Product property named 'start price' and it is not copied automatically to line item in same property 'start_price', when using line item API. I use hs_product_id to create association between product and line item but it does read more
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gmphap1 on October 02, 2023
At issue is the batch or post versions of the HubSpot API, propertyWithHistory doesn’t work. A post of this, for example, https://api.hubapi.com/crm/v3/objects/contacts/search?propertiesWithHistory=firstname doesn’t return any of the propert read more
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EM37 on October 02, 2023
Is there data available within the API that identifies contacts as a bot or any events as stemming from a bot? We are trying to replicate the data we are seeing email performance page (seen in this article) with the data pulled in from out Snowf read more
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IIt7 on October 02, 2023
Hello, I am creating an application that generates a large number of users (2600 users) for some QA testing we are doing for an integration on our platform. I was able to successfully create 200 users before I started receiving an HTTP 400 error. read more
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