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RRosario7 on July 04, 2022
Hi, I'm very new to the Hubspot API services, and have recently started testing some endpoints using Postman. I first tried retrieving contacts, and got a 200 response with no issue. All contacts were within the response as expected. The endpoint read more
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Hmarketting on July 04, 2022
Hi, Currently I'm using Hubspot API key. Now as per the migration doc , created new private app and scopes. To integrate this in PHP, couldn't find proper PHP example doc to start. Please provide PHP doc to migrate API key to accesstoken format. read more
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RPatrick7 on July 04, 2022
Hi, I am creating a custom object and I keep receiving an error message saying 'invalid primary display property'. As you can see in the attached screenshot, I clicked 'see all parmas' and I have over-written the default value to 'impact' but it read more
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ArnoldMA on July 04, 2022
Hi All! If we need to accomplish the send of a custom, specific user activity-based newsletter that sends weekly/monthly to all users of a custom app... How would we accomplish this? Think Fitbit weekly activity report they email to all users. M read more
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LMahadeshwar on July 04, 2022
While creating custom CRM object response is HTTP 200 but "results": [] and object is not getting created
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MDourieu on July 04, 2022
Hi All, we have created CTA buttons as link (no style) and are adding CSS classes to take advantage of our website CSS. Somehow when the button is inserted into the pages, they appear as an image version of the text of the button and not as html/css read more
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MikeJ1 on July 02, 2022
Hi All, Looking for some support with a custom set of properties. I tried searching the other forums but to no avail. In my Hubspot I have company types which are clients, prospects and customers. A client can have many customers read more
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TKrause on July 02, 2022
I'm trying to update a contact's email subscriptions here's the code that I'm using.... $url = ' https://api.hubapi.com/email/public/v1/subscriptions/THE EMAIL?hapikey=API KEY HERE'; $data = array( "subscriptionStatuses" => array( array( "i read more
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tclark228 on July 02, 2022
From what I can tell existing OAuth tokens (access & refresh) for users that are removed from the portal are still able to access some endpoints even after the user is removed from the portal Hubspot should, instead, deny token refreshes altoget read more
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Víctor on July 01, 2022
I'm trying to send the data from an external form into a Hubspot form using this endpoint: https://api.hsforms.com/submissions/v3/integration/submit/:portalId/:formGuid I'm following the documentation from this link but I can't get the read more
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Member | Gold Partner
July 03, 2022 23:22
Hi Jaycee, thank you very much for your answer. Sure I'll share the code: https://jsfiddle.net/9tz6xbpr/ I know we aren't retrieveing the for...read more
MSamovarov on July 01, 2022
Hello, will “demo” API token still work after your removal of API tokens after November 30, 2022? Link to announcement
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July 04, 2022 06:01
Hey @Jaycee_Lewis , I would appreciate if you answer me please
TaroSato on July 01, 2022
Hi there! I'm trying to use Settings API to get users information by the following endopoint. endpoint => /settings/v3/users/ Although I surely added the scope( settings.users.read ) to my auth app settings and the redirect url to m read more
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Community Manager
July 01, 2022 10:33
Hey, @TaroSato 👋 I can confirm that it works as expected in testing from the endpoint page and via Postman using a Private App in my App Test Ac...read more
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