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Arundas on July 25, 2024
In the new "Insert Data" tab we have hese 3 options. Say, i am creaitng a workflow under deals. suppose the message is : Hey "first_name" (from contact) , this is your "deal_name" (from deal). I want the first name to be the name of the co read more
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teja21 on July 25, 2024
Here in users api, I can see RoleIds[] but what it contains and for none superadmin roles also it provides empty RoleIds[]. Can anybody clear me? It will be a great help. And following are access provided to the users.
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Guide | Elite Partner
July 25, 2024 05:33
Hey @teja21 - The roleID will be that of the permission set assigned to the user. The permission set ID can be found at the end of the URL fro...read more
SBouhamidi on July 24, 2024
Hello guys: can anyone on how can i link react js project to hubspot ? I have tried 2 method (the first one it's suggestion Cors Problem and the second ; TypeError: url_1.URL is not a constructor). here's my code if someone could help: impor read more
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July 25, 2024 05:43
Thank you for your feesback. What I want to acheive is when the user will fill the form, they will be added to hubspot contacts? I used React js for ...read more
CSteinbach on July 24, 2024
I was using the default merge duplicates code and updated the property that I need to merge contacts by which is "rim_no" (a unique customer identifyer in our database). I have set up the API key in "Secrets" but after a lot of trouble shooting, I j read more
Community Manager
July 25, 2024 04:28
Hi @CSteinbach and welcome to the Community! We are delighted to have you join us! Thank you for asking the Community and for sharing the code! ...read more
OscarCC on July 24, 2024
Hello, I have a configured workflow that triggers a webhook to the following endpoint: ' https://sia.uvirtual.org/hubspotPruebas/deal '. This endpoint expects a POST request with body: {dealId: 'xxxxx'}. When I execute the POST request from Postman, read more
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2 Replies
July 25, 2024 07:29
Hello, @Jaycee_Lewis . Thank you for your response! The webhook is sent through an action in a workflow. I'm attaching screenshots of the workflow ...read more
MTatlow on July 24, 2024
Hello, I need to work with the CRM Objects API to update 'Berth Object' schema to exclude the 'Berth Code' property from the searchableProperties and secondaryDisplayProperties. I am unsure as to how to do this as we do not have a designated hubspot read more
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July 24, 2024 11:55
@MTatlow wrote: Hello, I need to work with the CRM Objects API to update 'Berth Object' schema to exclude the 'Berth Code' property from the sear...read more
RM456 on July 24, 2024
Hi there, There was an issue recently reported by a customer where they update the email address of a contact, and when we post an event update to the contact it reverts the email address back to the original value. The event API method us read more
Community Manager
July 24, 2024 15:42
Hey, @RM456 👋 Thank you very much for sharing this information. And for sharing the workaround. If you have a moment, filing a support ticket ...read more
VigneshIyappan on July 24, 2024
I have received following error - Your request has timed out while trying to connect to this data fetch URL. I checked the logs in my server, Request came at " Jul 24, 2024 at 11:09:45.491 am" and Out at "Jul 24, 2024 at 11:09:47.493 am". It is nea read more
July 24, 2024 05:39
I wanted to understand the reason because our server takes almost 3 seconds. Can you confirm if the default timeout for the CRM card is 10 seconds? I...read more
alvarofranz on July 23, 2024
Now, workflows are objects and I can add custom properties via the HubSpot UI, just like for other native objects (deals, contacts, companies, tickets). How do I retrieve the properties (native and custom) for workflows? I tried with GE read more
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Community Manager
July 24, 2024 13:21
Hey, @alvarofranz 👋 This is a great question. I took this to the team that owns these endpoints. I'll follow up here if I get us an answer. ...read more
cbanas on July 23, 2024
Hi Everyone, new to the HubSpot community and HubSpot development. I am posting as I am looking to develop an app for my company to launch our UI inside HubSpot and send data back to HubSpot quote line items based on interactions inside our UI. We read more
1 upvote
2 Replies
Guide | Gold Partner
July 24, 2024 23:02
Hi Chris, Today you could deliver your App functionality in HubSpot using a modal iFrame launched from a CRM card. This can be delivered as a P...read more
LauraCortes on July 23, 2024
Hi all, I need a chatbot that works on both the marketing and product pages. Our site uses HubSpot for all the marketing and Shopify for product pages, with the product pages under a subdomain. Is there an option for this?
0 upvote
2 Replies
July 24, 2024 12:42
Hi Jaycee, My website is on HubSpot (site.com), but the product pages are on Shopify under a subdomain (shop.site.com). I need a chatbot that can se...read more
alvarofranz on July 23, 2024
Context : There are 4 native objects in HubSpot: contacts companies deals tickets I am retrieving information via the CRM API and using the following scopes: crm.objects.contacts.read crm.schemas.contacts.read crm.objects.compan read more
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2 Replies
Accepted solution
Contributor | Elite Partner
July 23, 2024 11:47
Tickets just have two scopes - tickets and tickets.sensitive . tickets will give you the same access as crm.objects.[object].read and cr...read more
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