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jamieroyce-mc on October 06, 2022
I have a client that needs help with their duplicates and instead of just preparing lists of potential duplicates, I would like to load these into their "Manage Duplicates" section of their Hubspot account. Is there an API endpoint that allows this? read more
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PMata on October 06, 2022
Hello I have issue validating my HubSpot Webhook signature (I'm trying to validate using V2) for a GET request Here is the sample code I'm using (found it from your Hubspot developers documentation): const crypto = require('crypto'); const se read more
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OYakymenko on October 06, 2022
Hello! I have a small question regarding the CRM objects API. Is it possible to filter CRM objects by the `updatedAt` and `deletedAt` fields, like the CMS items?
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Niuco on October 06, 2022
Hi guys, everyday I'm getting a 500 status response from a specify endpoint /account-info/v3/activity/login {"status":"error","message":"There was a problem with the request.","correlationId":"e94c338a-b2d7-4d2f-9568-56b1b9aa0ff4"} read more
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dev_cody on October 06, 2022
Hi there! New here to the HubSpot developer forum. My team and I are working on trying to figure out how we can integrate a MySQL database into our Enterprise HubSpot account. I was recommended by HubSpot support to use Zapier or Automate, but w read more
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SR36 on October 06, 2022
The search API currently has a limitation of allowing only 3 filter groups and each filter group having only 3 filters. But inside the Sales dashboard this limitation does not exist and you can keep adding as many filters as you want. Why does thi read more
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RPearson3 on October 06, 2022
Hi, We're a SaaS business and we are trying to implement a Customer Object "Subscriptions" to track existing customers inside Hubspot. I would like to be able to keep these updated with information straight from our billing system to update the read more
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batflarrow on October 06, 2022
I want to get back the email's logged in hubspot tickets which include those that are sent from hubspot and those that are sent to hubspot tickets using the webhooks. What subscription can help me get this. I've gone through this and couldn't find read more
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TWave on October 06, 2022
We are trying to automate basic CRUD operations for Contacts, Deals and Companies objects. We are using Authorization code flow in our automation to get the access token but that requires OTP at the time of user consent . Our automation is blocked d read more
brettski on October 05, 2022
We are moving our currnet processes to HubSpot as we onboard to the platform. One of our system features is to allow users to subscribe to our newsletter through their user settings. In HubSpot this isn't really supported as if a contact has ever op read more
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Accepted Solution
Contributor | Elite Partner
October 06, 2022 02:16
Hey @brettski , Right now HubSpot has no API support for resubscribing contacts. I had heard rumors of a beta coming that would be available o...read more
JasonMiani on October 05, 2022
I am looking to integrate Hubspot with my CRM and I want to be able to display the emails with content (ideally other activities) that have been sent to each recipient in my CRM. I see that https://api.hubapi.com/email/public/v1/events?hapikey read more
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Contributor | Elite Partner
October 06, 2022 02:18
Hey @JasonMiani , Unfortunately there is no way to pull the actual content that was sent to a recipient from HubSpot via API. it's not even st...read more
galatioto on October 05, 2022
Hi I currently developed a calling provider app based on your SDK. I would like to start the call at the moment that widget shown (to don't use the click on my button inside the app and to have an easyer user experience...). I know that I can't acc read more
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Community Manager
October 06, 2022 02:41
Hi @galatioto , Thank you for reaching out to the Community! I wanted to tag in a couple of subject matter experts to see if they have any ...read more
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