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JasonHessley on März 31, 2023
Has anyone been successful at verifying a V3 signature using node & express? Below is my best attempt. I would be embarresed to share some of the things I've attempted to try and make it work. I've fiddled with and studied this code until my Beitrag ansehen
0 Antwort
karien on März 31, 2023
read schema, i want to copy it to editor to search....
0 Antwort
NGermay on März 31, 2023
I created a Private App for our company to integration internally with HubSpot. Is there a way to Restrict which IP addresses can access the Private App? I only want API requests from our company's IP addresses to be able to access the Priv Beitrag ansehen
0 Antwort
c-jmto on März 31, 2023
Hi, After looking around, reading the documents and so on, I don't seem to find nice and easy way to use GET webhooks to update specific records in Hubspot. I know, I could use API and write a program that would talk to Hubspot and update that and Beitrag ansehen
0 Antwort
AEvans8 on März 31, 2023
Have just started using this library, apart from the Quickstart I can't find any other documentation about what is available. Do I have to manually search in the codegen directory to figure out each action, or do people just use guzzle and the endpo Beitrag ansehen
2 Antworten
Accepted Solution
Mitwirkender/Mitwirkende | Platinum Partner
März 31, 2023 04:25
@AEvans8 Hi. How about check this ? https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/overview For example, you want to create deal. Thi...Beitrag ansehen
FMonteiro on März 31, 2023
Hi HS community. I have a technical question about transactional templates that I'd like your advice on. Currently, our Mailjet templates have dynamic properties and conditional logic built into them. According to HubSpot's documentation, we can al Beitrag ansehen
0 Antwort
AKorsukov on März 30, 2023
Hello, We are switching from API v1 to API v2 (private app). Started to use this SDK https://github.com/HubSpot/hubspot-api-php It's not clear how to add an exising contact to a contact list. Could you please provide an example? Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
März 31, 2023 14:55
Hey, @AKorsukov 👋 Thanks for reaching out! To confirm, when you say “ We are switching from API v1 to API v2 (private app) ” you are still using...Beitrag ansehen
Brody on März 30, 2023
Hello, I'm trying to develop a feature for a HubSpot app that uses the Export API . I've added the crm.export to my oauth scopes and checked the box for it in the app "Auth Settings" from my developer dashboard. But when I try to create a Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
März 31, 2023 12:10
Hi, @Brody 👋 Thanks for your question. To clarify, if you are using a developer test account, they cannot be opted-into betas. Which, in this sp...Beitrag ansehen
JairoPy on März 30, 2023
Hi, community! I have a multi-step form implemented on a client's website, also I have an error log where I save locally the data that failed to save on HubSpot. I realized that my log is often showing this error: {error: "TypeError: Failed Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
März 31, 2023 14:40
Hi, @JairoPy 👋 Thanks for reaching out. It may be challenging for the community to troubleshoot this one without having a way to see it in actio...Beitrag ansehen
MMurad5 on März 30, 2023
EXEC SUMMARY I'm pulling in data from HubSpot using the Azure Data Factor HubSpot connector. Generally works fine but for two of the available entities, I get the error below when previewing or pulling data; I've isolated the fields provoking the Beitrag ansehen
0 Antwort
VOsos on März 30, 2023
I have a widget/module that has a smart_objects field in params object. { "cell": false, "cells": [], "css_class": "", "css_id": "", "css_id_str": "", "css_style": "", "editable": false, "id": "widget_1679061 Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
März 31, 2023 14:26
Hey, @VOsos 👋 Thanks for reaching out. Let's see if our community has experience here — @Anton @jonchim @himanshurauthan , do you have any ...Beitrag ansehen
FSoto8 on März 30, 2023
The response of the method Search of the API v3 hastnot the associated items.
1 Antwort
März 31, 2023 15:31
Hi, @FSoto8 👋 You are correct. We can add pseudo-property associations to the request body to search by, but not to return the associations yo...Beitrag ansehen
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