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Girtin on January 26, 2023
When I update a call using the engagement API, I use the body parameter hs_call_recording_url and fill it with a valid URL of a call recording. It works as intented. The issue I have is that the URL that i used will eventually expire (few ho read more
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kaleperez on January 26, 2023
Hi, How can I include or convert a property as unique key in the custom objects?. I need to avoid a duplicate records in the custom object and I don't know how can I do this. Can I do something like the "Email" property in the "Contact" obje read more
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TaylorBeaven on January 26, 2023
Hello there, I'm trying to create a custom module for my HubSpot website that has 2 columns next to one another. In the left column I was hoping to have a YouTube video embedded and in the right just some text. I've listed my HTML + Hubl code that's read more
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Top Contributor | Gold Partner
January 26, 2023 10:11
Hi @TaylorBeaven , one possible solution with css is to use flexbox, so it should look something like the following: .section-wrapper { ...read more
Jnix284 on January 26, 2023
@Pietro-Poli- I would suggest posting this in the Developer discussion instead, or maybe @Jaycee_Lewis can move it there so you can get the proper guidance
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RRosarioArq on January 26, 2023
While using v3 search and properties endpoints /crm/v3/objects/{objectType}/search & /crm/v3/properties/{objectType} i wasnt able to collect the desired information for two objects using custom app credentials. Invoices: On the invoic read more
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Top Contributor | Gold Partner
January 26, 2023 10:28
Hello @RRosarioArq , for the marketing event you should use the endpoints specified in the api overview. The available endpoints are: [GET] /marke...read more
PieterVHeerden on January 26, 2023
we have a website outside hubspot that allows us to create tickets for our customers. We have embedded this same page from our external website into an iFrame using the custom card development in Hubspot. click on capture new ticket. this read more
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MarketFitness on January 26, 2023
I am looking to start managing our advertising through Hubspot on Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram. I need to understand if Hubspot integrates to a fitness app called MindBody. If so, what information from the advertising does the integration do? read more
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Harder on January 26, 2023
Hi there! We are currently working to load Hubspot Data into a Postgres-DB. We are utilizing the v3 API and everything's working fine so far except for incremental data load for contact history data. Regarding the other objects we are fine read more
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DinoBo on January 26, 2023
I am in the process of setting up a custom identity provider using KeyCloak. The goal is to use this as the IDP for HubSpot SSO, as well as the IDP for another external site. We want to allow users to SSO into HubSpot using our custom IDP, and then read more
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APatel68 on January 26, 2023
Hi All, I can't seem to find how to create a private app, and im a super user I don't see the option on the left hand side under account setup. I got a developer account - as it states this at the top - This is an app developer account. Any ide read more
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Community Manager
January 26, 2023 12:43
Hey, @APatel68 👋 Thanks for reaching out! You are not missing an option. HubSpot has three account types, but not all of them can create ...read more
mohammadwahid-e on January 26, 2023
Hello, I want to know the actual process to send an email to a contact list. From the legacy documentation I understand that, I can create marketing email using the API but the email stays as draft. Is it directly sendable to contact list? Or read more
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Thought Leader | Elite Partner
January 26, 2023 06:40
Hi @mohammadwahid-e . I have a couple clarification questions for you. Why send an email from a different system? You can create and send email...read more
January 26, 2023 03:47
Thank you @karstenkoehler for your response. Actually I wanted to know the actual process. From the legacy documentation I understand that, I can c...read more
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