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NUdayakumar on May 28, 2022
Hello All, We have an React Application calling the Contacts API via AWS Lambda since we were getting CORS issue while trying to access the API directly from React APP. But even after implementing a AWS Lambda function we are still getting the s read more
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EUrsu on May 28, 2022
Hello, I am able to integrate with CallRail on a free HubSpot plan? Thank you
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GGuy on May 28, 2022
Hi all, We are premium users of your system and Hubspot's startup program members. Within our Automation -> Workflow, We are trying to set custom code using an API to one of our partners. The API simply allows us to registred new users wit read more
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LHaviv on May 27, 2022
Hi! I connected a gravity form with a radio button question field that asks users to pick one answer…..How do I create that as a property in Hub spot and set it to display which answer was selected? Specifically, the gravity form asks if respond read more
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darren-kb on May 27, 2022
I am working on importing sales orders from NetSuite as Deals in Hubspot and have run into a small snag. From reading the HubSpot API documentation for importing line items for the deal it seems that a product ID is required when creating a new read more
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NWirell on May 27, 2022
We have built a course enrolment function for a client. Where their clients can sign up for courses at their website. The whole functionality is HubDB based. These signups are then stores as a table in HubDB. Now the client wants to generate a list read more
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Recognized Expert | Partner
May 27, 2022 16:17
Hey @NWirell Thank you @Jaycee_Lewis I'd put money on it that th Contacts List API with a custom coded workflow action can do this rather e...read more
Bakytk on May 27, 2022
Hello, Can anyone advise if it's possible to toggle "hs_email_optout" via script, we have 2-3 contact database API's, we if user unsubscribe from one, we need a way to propagate this event to other db's including Hubspot? Regards,
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thaep on May 27, 2022
Hi there, I hope anyone can help: We are having some trouble getting the HubSpot Cookie Banner to work. I read up on a couple of posts, but they don't seem to address the problem, or I do not fully understand (as I am not a developer). We ar read more
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Community Manager
May 27, 2022 12:01
Hi @thaep 👋 Let's see if our community has some insight here. @himanshurauthan @Indra @Anton any thoughts on next steps for @thaep ? ...read more
_prosen on May 27, 2022
I want to fetch all the contacts email/details by company name, is there any API for that?
Community Manager
May 27, 2022 14:05
Hey, @_prosen 👋 A great place to research is the GraphQL (BETA) Otherwise, this would require multiple calls to get the data you are after. ...read more
RobertBardan on May 27, 2022
Hello, I am trying to build a custom email with an external RSS Feed but I have some questions. I know that the rss_listing is using javascript to get the content from the external Feed but my questions is the follwoing: If I am using Javascript t read more
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3 Replies
Community Manager
May 27, 2022 15:02
Thanks for your insight, @Anton 🙌 — Jaycee
JAntonio on May 27, 2022
Hello, I have tried to get all Tickets including Company ID information using Search endpoint but it was never successful. Is it possible to use Search endpoint witjh associated information? Is there any way to do so? Thanks in advance!
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Community Manager
May 27, 2022 10:56
Hey, @JAntonio 👋 To help us get started, have you already tried using the Tickets API ? Specifically https://api.hubapi.com/crm/v3/objects/t...read more
city on May 26, 2022
Chat has invisible focus. This is a serious accessibility bug (reason: outline: 0). This excludes the use of the huts by publicly funded units. Is there a chance for a quick improvement of the CSS rule?
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