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Nathan951 on Juni 03, 2023
I need user(s) to get a notification of call engagement. Is there still no way to @ metion users in via API?? This seems so basic. It works from UI not API The only way I have found to get a notification of a new call/engagement is to: G Beitrag ansehen
0 Antwort
Juhler on Juni 02, 2023
Is there a way to have collaspable headlines within the body of CRM email templates? How microsoft word allows the text to expand and hide when you click the triangles next to a headline... Send Help...
0 Antwort
ProVega on Juni 02, 2023
We have a multi-tenant SaaS application and are looking to provide a Card to customers. What is the recommended way of securely adding a Tenant ID to the requests that HubSpot makes to our endpoint? Current situation: User adds the App to thei Beitrag ansehen
0 Antwort
CarlosSilva89 on Juni 02, 2023
Hi all, I need to replicate that result of workflow membership screen, see below: but i have to find it using the table sourced by API into my database. I cannot find any table with workflow id or something like that... What is the Beitrag ansehen
0 Antwort
corinalopez on Juni 02, 2023
my company uses HubSpot for its website and another site (Mendix) to ask sign-up questions. I am looking to use an iframe to embed the Mendix URL into the HubSpot page, when I use an HTML iframe it says that my site cannot connect. How can I ach Beitrag ansehen
0 Antwort
kevinsito on Juni 02, 2023
Hi everyone, I'm having trouble connecting to the HubSpot API using the following code: Views.py from django . shortcuts import render from . forms import ContactForm from . hubspot import create_or_update_hubspot Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
Juni 03, 2023 00:21
Hi, @kevinsito 👋 Thanks for your question. I don't have the answer, but I have sone questions that may help our community to better understand y...Beitrag ansehen
MWatermeyer on Juni 02, 2023
Hey there, I have the following question: When a deal reaches a certain deal stage in our sales pipeline, our sales team schedules an onsite appointment with the customer and creates a meeting for the deal in HubSpot. I need this meeting in a se Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
Stratege/Strategin | Partner
Juni 02, 2023 10:52
Hey @MWatermeyer I would say the engagements api for meeting associations would be what you're looking for https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api...Beitrag ansehen
StoneCurators on Juni 02, 2023
Hi Everyone - We are using the API forms submit method with our custom developed forms in Wordpress (with Hubspot plugin). My question is if submitting user email information this way has the same affect on tracking cookies as when using a Hubs Beitrag ansehen
0 Antwort
MOrtizGalan on Juni 02, 2023
Hi all. I´ve been experience a problem with the implementation of the chat in my web. I dont implement the chat, i only control when to show and open it automatically. You can reproduce the error with this steps: - Put the web (chrome in my cas Beitrag ansehen
0 Antwort
Ailo on Juni 02, 2023
Hi folks, I'm currently working on a project where I'm pulling all contacts with a list of properties into another data tool. To make it more efficent — I'm curious if there's an API version for listing contacts that supports the addition of a cr Beitrag ansehen
2 Antworten
Accepted Solution
Juni 02, 2023 17:00
Hey, @Ailo 👋 Quick question, have you tried using the Search API ? For example, you can use the BETWEEN operator to look at object records w...Beitrag ansehen
SteveHTM on Juni 01, 2023
Hoping to get some help on a connection that is eluding me at present - how to create a practical setup to automate the input of HubDB files using custom workflow steps (server side python). The API docucuments at CMS API | HubDB (hubspot.com) Beitrag ansehen
2 Antworten
Accepted Solution
Mitwirkender/Mitwirkende | Partner
Juni 02, 2023 19:43
Thank you for the prompts @Jaycee_Lewis . Yes I was working on the HubDB import API Import rows from CSV. There's a less than normal amount of help...Beitrag ansehen
ECupaioli on Juni 01, 2023
I recently read this guide on how to add an event listener for when someone books a meeting, but I saw it was from 4 years ago so I went to check if the event.data objects were accurate but couldn't find any docs on event.data. I was able to log t Beitrag ansehen
2 Antworten
Juni 02, 2023 17:14
I'm using the Meeting Scheduler widget . There's an ad landing page and an API page for how to build your own, but nothing really on the widget and...Beitrag ansehen
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