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DieselDudes on May 30, 2024
I linked my shopify to my hubspot and then in that process I selected the option for Hubspot to be able to change my customer information and didn't realize it until it was already too late. I was told there may be a way to revert my shopify custome read more
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GJakobTriad on May 30, 2024
Trying to come up with a workflow custom code action, and this one starts off pretty simple, but for some reason it returns a 400 error. const hubspot = require('@hubspot/api-client'); exports.main = async (event, callback) => { // Ma read more
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NRukosuev on May 30, 2024
Is it possible to generate/get a URL via the API that allows navigation to the ticket dashboard with specific filters integrated into the URL? For example, I received tickets filtered by a certain property via the API and want to provide a link to t read more
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vagder on May 30, 2024
Hi to all. Is possible to change the hs_parent_company_id property from rest calls? i received an error hs_parent_company_id\\\" is a read only property; its value cannot be set.\",\"error\":\"READ_ONLY_VALUE
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Community Manager
May 30, 2024 12:03
Hey, @vagder 👋 That error is correct. Read-only properties cannot be updated or edited via an API call. Best, Jaycee
SMarotta9 on May 29, 2024
Have a free hub spot account, need to know if I need to upgrade so I can get lead integration from a lead source, they are asking for an API, need help to understand this, I am not IT or computer friendly. Purchasing data from a vendor I do I upload read more
1 upvote
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Top Contributor
May 29, 2024 19:01
Hi @SMarotta9 Upgrading your HubSpot account is usually necessary to integrate with lead sources that require API access. since Free HubSpot a...read more
CButler1221 on May 29, 2024
Hello! I have recently integrated the conversations Chat widget onto our Real Estate Investing platform. It has been working out great, but I can't seem to figure out how to make a notification bubble appear when a chat is sent from a Contact Owner read more
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1 Reply
Community Manager
May 30, 2024 12:30
Hi, @CButler1221 👋 Thanks for the interesting question. Let's invite a few of our community members to the conversation — hey @Anton @zach_th...read more
mclopez on May 29, 2024
Hi everyone... I hope somebody can help me out with my issue I am currently facing. I have a simple form connected to the Hubspot API. All fields get populated correctly – except the legal checkbox. Error Message withi Hubspot "this value was not p read more
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2 Replies
May 30, 2024 05:12
Hey @Jaycee_Lewis ... THX for your reply. So that's a screenshot of the data sent & the html rendered. Not sure what the legal field should be...read more
JTannenbaum on May 29, 2024
Hey all, I have an automation that uses a webhook to fire a GET request to an API. The response I get back contains a response body with something like this: "TotalProductNames":";PRODUCT1;PRODUCT2;PRODUCT3" I can use a checkbox when I test my read more
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2 Replies
Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
May 30, 2024 13:55
Hi @JTannenbaum , Couldn't you just use a ' Copy to property ' action after your coded action to store the result of your coded action in the...read more
MAsghari on May 29, 2024
Hi There! I used this API to associate a covnersation to a ticket: /crm/v4/objects/:objectType/:objectId/associations/:toObjectType/:toObjectId objectType: ticket objectId: <ticket id> toObjectType: conversation t read more
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chrisaguilar on May 29, 2024
Hello, I'm new to the community so apologies if I've posted this in the wrong place! I'm currently trying to integrate the HubSpot tracking code in an existing web app, and am struggling a bit to get it working. The goal is to upsert c read more
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Community Manager
May 29, 2024 16:09
Hi, @chrisaguilar 👋 Welcome to our community! Thank you for including all those details. I'd like to invite some of our community members to t...read more
idunskiy on May 29, 2024
Please advise - I need to get the associated companies' IDs for chosen deals. Here is the URL: POST https://api.hubapi.com/crm/v3/objects/deals/search And the body: filters = [ { "propertyName": "dealstage", "operator": "IN", "values read more
Community Manager
May 30, 2024 16:24
Hey, @Teun 👋 Great point. The issue here is, this customer doesn't have either of those subscriptions. — Jaycee
VKravchuk2 on May 29, 2024
Do we have a way to change CRM card header?
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Accepted Solution
Top Contributor
May 29, 2024 08:00
Hi @VKravchuk2 Currently, HubSpot native capability is not offering the option to customize the header specifically for iframes If you wis...read more
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