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substr on Fevereiro 22, 2024
I'm using the PHP API Client and following the examples here: /docs/api/crm/contacts And trying these endpoints with their given example requests and values: POST /crm/v3/objects/contacts/batch/create POST /crm/v3/objects/contacts I'm usin Leia mais
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OceanLewis on Fevereiro 22, 2024
Hey all! A teammate and I have been looking into using the Search API to iterate through records in cases where the Export API would be prohibitive. We're aware of three limits that impact iteration: Limit of 4 requests/second Results returne Leia mais
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aidanh on Fevereiro 22, 2024
Is it possible while utilising the MS Teams integration installed in the Hubspot Tenancy that a MS Teams meeting link can be automatically generated when creating a meeting via the API: POST /crm/v3/objects/meetings Obviously in th Leia mais
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LeKevoid on Fevereiro 22, 2024
Hi ! I'm doing aPython script that cross-checks one of our internal databases, and does a batch of creates and then a batch of updates on our exisitng Hubspot contacts. I'm having a hard time with the update part. Here's a (redacted) example of Leia mais
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WGreene on Fevereiro 22, 2024
I use this technique with the Single Send API. I have a template with some custom tags such as {{custom.messageBody}} . When I call the Single Send API I can pass dynamic values that are sustituted into the message. The Marketing Email API also m Leia mais
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matt72 on Fevereiro 22, 2024
Hello, We currently use an App purchased from the Marketplace to sync Customers & Orders from our e-commerce Magento 2 store. We have had issues with the current sync and want to try another App. We would like to test this new App in a Hubspot Leia mais
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IAccount1 on Fevereiro 22, 2024
For CMS Audit Log API we are not getting paging object in the response. We also have an enterprise account that is required for this endpoint but still we are facing this issue.
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AAnnu on Fevereiro 22, 2024
Can I get step-by-step instructions on how to automatically populate email using HubDB and HubL.
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rouds on Fevereiro 22, 2024
Hi, I'm having some trouble when I try to associate a conversation with a contact. I'm using webhooks to get the ThreadID when the conversation is created, and I'm using the HubSpot Associations API to create the association with the ThreadID and Leia mais
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CDP2023 on Fevereiro 22, 2024
Hi! I was working on Custom Workflow Actions and found that we could induce functions to modify the payload. I was wondering can we use those functions, so make an API call, fetch some data and then send it to our webhook, all functionalities to be Leia mais
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DRutigliano4 on Fevereiro 22, 2024
Hi I am looking for an app for Magento 1.9 and Hubspot. Can someone help me? Thanks
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Accepted Solution
Gerente da Comunidade
Fevereiro 22, 2024 13:48
Hey, @DRutigliano4 👋 I found several in our Marketplace . Best, Jaycee
Yasar on Fevereiro 22, 2024
Its applicable for both end point : 1. /crm/v4/associations/{fromObjectType}/{toObjectType}/batch/read 2. /crm/v4/associations/{fromObjectType}/{toObjectType}/batch/create
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