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dan9 on März 21, 2023
I'm trying to modify the Close Date of deals but I get this error message: "days_to_close" is a read only property; its value cannot be set Is it not possible to do that?
0 Antwort
PFarkas on März 21, 2023
Hello! When I got assigned to a Deal as a deal owner trough API my profile automaticly starts following that Deal. Can I disable this automatic follow thing? Its really annoying when I got assigned to many Deals and getting 1000+ notifications a Beitrag ansehen
0 Antwort
Rollout on März 21, 2023
Hi there! Just stumbled upon the following typo in the properties api for the postal_mail object: GET https://api.hubapi.com/crm/v3/properties/postal_mail Returns a payload with incorrect groupName properties of postal_mailinformation ( Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
März 21, 2023 10:02
Hey, @Rollout 👋 I see the same thing when I make a request to the Properties API using your request.     I'll share this with ...Beitrag ansehen
joelslinn on März 21, 2023
Hi all We're having issues with the way HubSpot handles marketing contacts. We have a marketing opt-in on sign up for our product, but all new sign ups are automatically created as marketing contacts. We need to be able to set the marketing contac Beitrag ansehen
JMelichar on März 21, 2023
Hi, We are operating an app that is receiving webhook notifications from HubSpot and it would help with security settings if we were able to define range of IP that these requests are coming from. Is there such range for webhook notificatio Beitrag ansehen
0 Antwort
NGermay on März 21, 2023
We built several complex custom objects in our Sandbox environment. We are getting ready to load data into our production environment and need to copy the custom objects. One option is to do it by hand within HubSpot, which will take a long time and Beitrag ansehen
0 Antwort
AntonMal on März 21, 2023
Good day, recently we had few new errors in our integration with posting new messages to this endpoint. /conversations/v3/conversations/threads/{threadId}/messages Request ids: 5143a746-0579-4e50-9e70-c68cca363a07, a9d285ce-a230-40c3-b9c6-1a62fc Beitrag ansehen
0 Antwort
Lyndwode on März 21, 2023
I am not a developer, but working with a team of devs internally. We are creating Contacts in Hubspot via the API and associating them with existing Companies with the following call: put /crm/v3/objects/contacts/ {contactId} /association Beitrag ansehen
0 Antwort
HubWebex on März 21, 2023
When I go to integrations -> API key in my developer account, it says API key can be found in your apps, but I can't find the api key in my app. Any idea where I can find it?
1 Antwort
März 21, 2023 09:25
Hey, @HubWebex 👋 Thanks for reaching out. This one always felt like a mystery to me until I did it a few times. Here's how to find your De...Beitrag ansehen
KKang5 on März 21, 2023
Here is the code example I found in in https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/crm/tickets, the Create section: import hubspot from pprint import pprint from hubspot.crm.tickets import SimplePublicObjectInputForCreate, ApiException client = hub Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
Trendsetter/-in | Elite Partner
März 21, 2023 01:52
Hello @KKang5 It appears that the 'SimplePublicObjectInputForCreate' class is no longer available in the current version of the HubSpot API ...Beitrag ansehen
fcocco on März 20, 2023
I've created a quote via API. I've associated it with a template, with a deal, with line items. I realised that as soon as I create the association with the deal, it also creates some kind of link with the deal company and the deal contact. I d Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
März 21, 2023 11:00
Hey, @fcocco 👋 Thank you for reaching out! One question — have you tried setting the Contact and Company when you create the quote via the API? ...Beitrag ansehen
RobElate on März 20, 2023
My team and I are very excited by the new Goals API recently added. We currently have to pull goal information fairly manually now and it can be a pain. I was curious if there is a good way to get the progress to goal from the new API. Currently yo Beitrag ansehen
3 Antworten
März 20, 2023 10:58
Thank YOU! Questions like this help me explore new features 😊 Have a fantastic rest of your day. — Jaycee
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