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SBurwash on May 17, 2022
Good day, Is there a way to obtian Revenue Attribution data with the api? I'm trying to get information on contact interactions with a deal (channel, interaction, etc.) and vice versa (from deal, who interacted with it). This is all in the g read more
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gjm222 on May 17, 2022
Hello, How can I set a number type property to a blank or null state from the basicapi.update api? It can be set this way using UI but I can't seem to find a way to do it from the api. A string value can be blanked by sending and empty string but read more
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01hossein10 on May 17, 2022
Hi When I want to list contacts with huge number of properties (about 800 number of properties), I got the following error in nodejs SDK: { "errorMessage": "The mediaType text/html is not supported by ObjectSerializer.parse.", "errorType": "Error read more
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nnicholson on May 17, 2022
Hi everyone, We recently had to update our plugin that connects the GravityForms to HubSpot because the plugin we used is not longer suyppoerted and keeps on disconnecting due to the OAuth. This is the old plugin we used: https://wordpress.org read more
VJeganathan on May 17, 2022
Hi, I am having serverless function as below, exports.main = async (context, sendResponse) => { console.log('inside webhook'); } I am trying to access this via postman as below https://myHSId.hs-sites.com/_hcms/api/Webhook?hapikey=xx read more
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AndrewGallacher on May 17, 2022
Previously we created a private app and used its app id to authenticate webhooks. Now the HubSpot UI does not expose the client secret that I need to validate the digital signature. That's not a problem for existing uses - I know what the secret i read more
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barteksonarhome on May 17, 2022
Hi, I have registered a subscription on the `hs_merged_object_ids` field in the deal, but Hubspot doesn't trigger event `propertyChange` on this field after the merge action. hs_merged_object_ids is a visible field (I changed this by API). T he ab read more
IzzatyBadrol on May 16, 2022
Imagine from a UX standpoint, if a person/lead is typing in the form - and they aren't the fastest typist - getting flagged as error while typing can be very annoying. Is there a way that I can edit the API to make sure the fields are only valid read more
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MP9 on May 16, 2022
In the react-Hubspot-form we have given cssClass with a particular name and also added a CSS attribute with an empty string it is working correctly but the email id is not submitted. In terms of how to add the custom class name to React-Hubspot form read more
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May 17, 2022 07:53
Hi, Here is the code and used the " react-Hubspot-form" library if I give the css with an empty string only I can overwrite the CSS if I do that the...read more
blamine81 on May 16, 2022
Hello, We are developing an app that extends the workflow module. When we define the app's actions and publish it, the actions are not listed in the same order we defined them. We followed the examples on this page https://devel read more
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Participant | Platinum Partner
May 17, 2022 05:58
Hi Jaycee, Thank you for you help, here an action defnition: { "objectTypes":[], "actionUrl":" https://XXXX ", "published":true, "input...read more
laugre on May 16, 2022
Hi there, First thank you for that useful tool. We migrate from Intercom to Hubspot to get all centralized on our website, very easy and well built. Unfortunately when I checked to integrate it in our mobile app, react native made, I did not find read more
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Community Manager
May 16, 2022 14:25
Hey, @laugre Thanks for reaching out. I double-checked the thread you linked + our documentation. There has not been an update to the post you link...read more
VPauliukevich on May 16, 2022
Hi, there! I will be happy if you help me with two questions: Our team wants to integrate a widget of Localise Messages service into Hubspot Inbox, so this widged will catch the messages from the inbox and display the translation of messages. I read more
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May 17, 2022 06:57
Hi VPauliukevich, Sounds like a great idea, whilst I haven't developed anything like this personally I would imagine something like language la...read more
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