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IamYIZ on October 02, 2022
I am building an app on the marketplace in which I receive webhooks from the app and then make api calls to perform certain actions. I am using the Hubspot API for most functions and the Stripe API to collect payment and verify payment status. T read more
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sathviksaya on October 01, 2022
Hey Team, I want the latest API Requests list, like the below screenshot. It tell that the page is a legacy one but when I click on that "Check out the new API", I dont see list of endpoints after that. I want the new endpoints list. Can you please read more
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Member | Diamond Partner
October 03, 2022 00:31
Hey @ sathviksaya The link you have pinned is old, some endpoints doesn't work from this doc legacy link that you have shared. ...read more
Jun22 on October 01, 2022
Hello new to hubspot. {% set associated_deals = crm_associations( module.company.id, 'HUBSPOT_DEFINED', 6, 'limit=100&orderBy=event_date', 'dealname,event_date,hs_object_id,associated_contact_id') %} What im trying to get the output is di read more
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October 03, 2022 01:00
Hello sir, Appreciate your response. Can you give me a sample raw code for where can we paste that "cUrl" and " YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN " is it on HTL...read more
Curryp on September 30, 2022
I have a 3rd party service that provides detailed company insights in web-based reports. I have a url that will directly open the report but the link requires two parameters: Company Public ID (which I have in the company record) and Current User Em read more
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adriano-azos on September 30, 2022
Hello everyone! I build a module for email and I am trying to understand why the email is returning as FALSE and that the correct one should come as TRUE . Code: {% if custom.payment_method|upper == "BOLETO" %} ... {% endif %} read more
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MarcusBB on September 30, 2022
I'm trying to do a simple search of deals: find all deals with a dealstage of closed won. This is proving surprisingly difficult. The documentation is not very helpful - the UI forces you to see everything through a very small portion of the win read more
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TTeam98 on September 30, 2022
Hi, Our system was overloaded on September 29th. On the system log, we record a lot of requests sent to our system from http://dev.hubspot.com After we block subnet: . Our system is back to normal Could you guys help me expl read more
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thibauls on September 30, 2022
Hello, I would like to know if it is currently possible to display in an email for a contact the list of all records associated with a custom Object. I give you an example: Let's imagine that I have a list of contacts. These contacts have an ass read more
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GTobin on September 30, 2022
I have a free developer hubspot account. I have tried to access api's like contacts with python code but it throws an error to say I do not have permission. I read on the internet that some api's are not accessible on a free developer's account. My read more
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Accepted Solution
Community Manager
September 30, 2022 14:30
Hey, @GTobin 👋 Can you provide any additional details? It may be easier to start with a specific example and work from there. Questions: ...read more
SUpadhyay on September 30, 2022
Webhook url not sending any data in my php code when I am doing print_r($_POST), getting blank array. Anyone know the answer, please let me know.
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Hsharma3 on September 30, 2022
Hi Team, We are creating an internal application which connects to the hubspot and fetch quotes, deals, company or contact information. Problem: Unable to fetch the discount fee information through web api (e.g. https://api.hubapi.com/crm/ read more
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Community Manager
September 30, 2022 10:04
Hi, @Hsharma3 👋 Quick question to help clarify things a bit. Are you trying this for Quotes with discounts created in-app via the Quote Tool ? ...read more
PBaxter on September 30, 2022
Hi, We have a standard sandbox set up and sync'd. I was hoping to try a new idea for a Custom Object, but the nice big orange button "Create Custom Object" (that I see in my production account) is not visible in the sandbox. Any ideas o read more
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Community Manager
September 30, 2022 08:51
Hey, @PBaxter 👋 To clarify for anyone else that might search for the same info, for HubSpot Sandbox Accounts you need to re-opt-in to any beta...read more
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