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IamYIZ on October 02, 2022
I am building an app on the marketplace in which I receive webhooks from the app and then make api calls to perform certain actions. I am using the Hubspot API for most functions and the Stripe API to collect payment and verify payment status. T read more
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sathviksaya on October 01, 2022
Hey Team, I want the latest API Requests list, like the below screenshot. It tell that the page is a legacy one but when I click on that "Check out the new API", I dont see list of endpoints after that. I want the new endpoints list. Can you please read more
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Jun22 on October 01, 2022
Hello new to hubspot. {% set associated_deals = crm_associations( module.company.id, 'HUBSPOT_DEFINED', 6, 'limit=100&orderBy=event_date', 'dealname,event_date,hs_object_id,associated_contact_id') %} What im trying to get the output is di read more
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Curryp on September 30, 2022
I have a 3rd party service that provides detailed company insights in web-based reports. I have a url that will directly open the report but the link requires two parameters: Company Public ID (which I have in the company record) and Current User Em read more
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adriano-azos on September 30, 2022
Hello everyone! I build a module for email and I am trying to understand why the email is returning as FALSE and that the correct one should come as TRUE . Code: {% if custom.payment_method|upper == "BOLETO" %} ... {% endif %} read more
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MarcusBB on September 30, 2022
I'm trying to do a simple search of deals: find all deals with a dealstage of closed won. This is proving surprisingly difficult. The documentation is not very helpful - the UI forces you to see everything through a very small portion of the win read more
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thibauls on September 30, 2022
Hello, I would like to know if it is currently possible to display in an email for a contact the list of all records associated with a custom Object. I give you an example: Let's imagine that I have a list of contacts. These contacts have an ass read more
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GTobin on September 30, 2022
I have a free developer hubspot account. I have tried to access api's like contacts with python code but it throws an error to say I do not have permission. I read on the internet that some api's are not accessible on a free developer's account. My read more
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Accepted Solution
Community Manager
September 30, 2022 14:30
Hey, @GTobin 👋 Can you provide any additional details? It may be easier to start with a specific example and work from there. Questions: ...read more
SUpadhyay on September 30, 2022
Webhook url not sending any data in my php code when I am doing print_r($_POST), getting blank array. Anyone know the answer, please let me know.
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Hsharma3 on September 30, 2022
Hi Team, We are creating an internal application which connects to the hubspot and fetch quotes, deals, company or contact information. Problem: Unable to fetch the discount fee information through web api (e.g. https://api.hubapi.com/crm/ read more
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Community Manager
September 30, 2022 10:04
Hi, @Hsharma3 👋 Quick question to help clarify things a bit. Are you trying this for Quotes with discounts created in-app via the Quote Tool ? ...read more
PBaxter on September 30, 2022
Hi, We have a standard sandbox set up and sync'd. I was hoping to try a new idea for a Custom Object, but the nice big orange button "Create Custom Object" (that I see in my production account) is not visible in the sandbox. Any ideas o read more
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Community Manager
September 30, 2022 08:51
Hey, @PBaxter 👋 To clarify for anyone else that might search for the same info, for HubSpot Sandbox Accounts you need to re-opt-in to any beta...read more
RAmritkar on September 30, 2022
Hi all, I am using ruby gem hubspot-api-client. I want to replace api-key method with access token but for every method I am getting error that only API-KEy and oauth auth methods are supported. Can someone/ @altjx / @garyelliot help here? read more
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