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Steeler on May 26, 2022
I am setting up a webinar and I have not seen anyone mention this setting: "Require attendees to authenticate to join" I am curious if I leave this setting turned off will HubSpot fail to get the attendance data? Thanks in advance for anyone read more
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RobertoLopez on May 26, 2022
When importing Contacts I am getting this error: -- Import Customers {"status":"error","message":"some property names are invalid: {ObjectTypeId{legacyObjectType=CONTACT}=[fercho]}","correlationId":"3ed51168-5e03-494b-a513-ab2b4ee8d8b5"} ------- read more
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YTintpulver on May 26, 2022
I've been up and down the API documentation and can't find one process that does everything I need, so it looks to be I'll need a smattering of different calls, which given the API limit will severly hinder our access. Please let me know if I've read more
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GHanda on May 26, 2022
I have installed hubspot tracking code on my website. I am getting 401 - app-cookie not engaged. App cookie is not present on the request. Can you please provide solution to this issue? What needs to be done to fix this?
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zachh on May 26, 2022
Hello! What I'm looking to accomplish is that anytime a ticket is created or updated in ConnectWise, I want that ticket to be created or updated accordingly in Hubspot. I've been looking into Data Sync and Programmable Automation, and running in read more
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SBurwash on May 26, 2022
Good day, I'm currently working with the Web Analytics Events API ( https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/events/web-analytics ), and I was wondering if anyone had any insights on what the id field represented. My goal would be to be able read more
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CMetaliya on May 26, 2022
I'm running through a weird issue. In my nodeJs application I'm trying to create single contact using basicApi. It runs smoother in local environment when I test it using POSTMAN. But in dev environment when I implemented same code it started gi read more
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Community Manager
May 26, 2022 08:25
@Teun , have you seen anything like this before?
AbdulQayyum on May 26, 2022
Hi guys, As we knew, Hubspot have multiple valid access tokens with refresh token, every access token valid for 30mins but what is the expiration of refresh token? As said refresh tokens don't expire unless the integration is uninstalled does i read more
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Wherkan on May 26, 2022
Hi, I wonder if it's possible to build a custom calendar booking based on the Engagement API with the exact same functionality as the embedded version provided? We want to have full freedom to manipulate the front-end in order to experiment and read more
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May 26, 2022 08:42
Hey Jaycee 👋 Yes, exactly. Same functionality but we want to build our own front-end / UI. Let me know if you need me to clarify somethin...read more
AbdulQayyum on May 25, 2022
I am a newbie and trying to use the oauth of hubspot but don't know how to use it and how it works. By following the hubspot oauth documentation i have built an app which returns the authorization code, access token, refresh token and expiry. Wha read more
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Key Advisor | Gold Partner
May 26, 2022 01:26
Hi @AbdulQayyum I feel your pain – it took me ages to work it out. I store the tokens in a database then use this API call to refres...read more
SR36 on May 25, 2022
HI, We are developing an Hubspot App where we are using Oauth tokens for API access. But I'm observing a wierd behavior where access contols are not applied when using APIs. If a user A does not have access to say deals, when using API (using read more
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Community Manager
May 26, 2022 10:54
Hey, @SR36 Can you tell us more about how your User installed this app? Typically, if a User does not have permissions to do something that t...read more
EFrid on May 25, 2022
Hello, For some time now a decent percentage of thousands of contact object creations/updates have been rejected with an error 400: property values were not valid. The response then goes on to list out every property the API tried to update or f read more
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