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DTestAccount en Abril 12, 2024
URGENT. Sometimes Missing X-Hubspot-Signature header
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Yasar en Abril 12, 2024
Is there any REST API endpoint present to retrieve deleted records in hubspot?. If we restore the record, will archive flag will get affected?
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Msharma9273 en Abril 12, 2024
We're creating a pipeline to handle 5 million daily records from our app, sending them instantly to HubSpot engagements. but seems like there is a limit in sending data via API calls.
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Abril 12, 2024 08:13
Hey! Depending on your use case you might want to explore the batch API endpoints which is your best bet to handle that 5 million records.
wz3 en Abril 11, 2024
When clicking on the chat icon on the website and opening the chat box, I need to know the event when the chat box is opened. In the development documentation, I did not find an event that can listen for and open it , such as a window w Leer más
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gbultman en Abril 11, 2024
I am trying to get specific data through an API call. I have a report that uses Web activities (primary) as the data source. It counts the page views and I have a filter to filter it by URL. Which API endpoint do I need to use to get that Leer más
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austin_moore en Abril 11, 2024
Does anyone know the correct formating for posting to a company or contacts property that is a 'Multuple Checkbox'? I can get items to post by entering.. "Item" but not via a list such as.. ["Item", "Item Two"] As I recieve thi Leer más
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2 Respuestas
Colaborador líder | Partner
Abril 11, 2024 20:08
@austin_moore - have you tried a semicolon seperator between items? That's at least one way I have seen the property values represented internally....Leer más
gsolomon en Abril 11, 2024
I am inquiring to see if anybody has a solution or workaround to the problem I am facing. I am looking to get the daily API usage statistics for a single Private App on my HS account. I found the below endpoint in HubSpot's documentation ( GET /acc Leer más
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3 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Experto reconocido | Partner nivel Diamond
Abril 11, 2024 15:46
@gsolomon I haven't tested the endpoint myself yet, so I was hoping that the "name" returned in the response would point to a single private app...Leer más
BBirch6 en Abril 11, 2024
We are struggling to integrate with a third party vendor for SSO, I need to understand how can we pull data from a custom object through an association to a company or contact record...in our use case, we need to query about the membership status as Leer más
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1 Respuestas
Experto reconocido | Partner nivel Diamond
Abril 11, 2024 15:26
Hi @BBirch6 , You can make an GET API call to the contacts endpoint to retrieve the properties of that specific contact. You can simply pas...Leer más
KMohamed15 en Abril 11, 2024
Hi, I’m trying to use the Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration in Hubspot. To be more specific, I wanted to know if it was possible in Contacts to leverage the following fields: • Notes in the Activities tab of a Contact • The deal tab on the righ Leer más
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0 Respuestas
Ael31 en Abril 11, 2024
Hi 😀 My team and I have recently created a custom contact property of the DateTime type (named "datetime2") using the HubSpot API via Postman: We can confirm that this field has been successfully created and that the values are properly Leer más
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yoLotus en Abril 11, 2024
Hello, Does the Tracking code API create automatically marketing contacts? I don't manage to find in the documentation the answer. Best regards
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3 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Experto reconocido | Partner nivel Diamond
Abril 11, 2024 15:39
Hi @yoLotus , That really depends on how it is setup. If you are using the tracking script on a non-HubSpot website and you are not using Hu...Leer más
AvN-GB en Abril 11, 2024
Hello, We are converting the old mapping via title to the new mapping via the HubSpot roles (array) attribute. But the mapping for Super admins do not match in the "Confirm permission updates from Okta" screen. The HubSpot Permission Set "Supe Leer más
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