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MarkS_TLG on March 04, 2024
We are currently syncing data between Dynamics 365 and HubSpot. Dynamics 365 has 2 distinct entities for people; Leads and Contacts where HubSpot has just Contacts. On the Dynamics side of things we utilize the native functionality of working Le read more
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Vermilion on March 04, 2024
Hi all, I've set up a custom event called Purchase to bring this conversion data into HubSpot from a third-party platform, which fires via javascript upon purchase completion. It is being passed via Google Tag Manager, and I can see in the HS cust read more
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normtrainual on March 04, 2024
Hi. Aking if somebody has migrated historical Intercom conversation dat ato Hubspot Service Hub? How?
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Hwise7 on March 04, 2024
Hello Team HubSpot, I hope you're doing well. I connected Helpwise with my HubSpot account and was unable to add Helpwise in the Filter Activity section. I've attached screenshots attached.
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March 04, 2024 10:17
Hi @Hwise7 - It is weird
BSouza2 on March 04, 2024
Hello, I currently have Hubspot as an <iframe> on my platform (Twilio Flex). But I can't capture events happening inside Hubspot because we have privacy lock on <iframe>. I need to capture the Hubspot access URL every time it chan read more
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Community Manager
March 04, 2024 17:19
Hey, @BSouza2 👋 Thanks for your question. As you noted, direct interaction with an <iframe> from another origin is highly restricted. I ...read more
TBorah on March 04, 2024
Hi, I am trying to send event data from Amplitude to Hubspot using Amplitude destination. I am trying on my HS sandbox account right now. "There was an issue with sending your test event. HubSpot rejected payload with status code 400." And thi read more
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Community Manager
March 04, 2024 18:38
Hi, @TBorah 👋 welcome to our community! Thanks for your question. If you haven't already, this might be worth a support ticket to clarify ther...read more
devphoenix on March 04, 2024
Hi Team, We have a specific use case where we need to validate whether a contact email belongs to a specific list ID. Essentially, when we provide an email address and a list ID as inputs, we should receive a response indicating success if the read more
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March 04, 2024 12:17
Good morning! It is my understanding that that cannot be accomplished with a single API call so you might be looking at needing to implement a serve...read more
MHolt07 on March 04, 2024
Hi all, We are utilising the integration from Fluent Forms to Hubspot and are facing an issue with our very large form. When a field gives the error "property values were not valid," we are unsure which exact field is reporting this error. I jus read more
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2 Replies
March 04, 2024 18:48
Hi Jaycee, Thanks for the response. I believe the plugin devs would most likely be using this endpoint instead. Would this one let me know what fi...read more
MChris on March 03, 2024
We make a certain number of requests to the API each day. This limit is causing problems because we can't update their data as often as they need to Quick tips to find a way to work around this limit so i can keep data up-to-date
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Accepted Solution
March 04, 2024 08:11
Hi @MChris Ways to prevent exceeding your API request limit To help prevent errors caused by hitting the API limit, consider: Shortening the tim...read more
SSaraf on March 03, 2024
We are currently testing the integration of our application with HubSpot via OAuth. We have created an app in our Developer Account and our end users will be connecting to their HubSpot CRM using our app's install URL. To my knowledge this is the be read more
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March 03, 2024 19:17
@louischausse @Mike_Eastwood @dennisedson @Teun @JesseCunningham Appreciate the guidance you offer to HubSpot newbies like me via this com...read more
StephaneTheoret on March 03, 2024
Hi, I'm in Canada, and I'm trying to connect to the "Stripe payment app" But it doesn't work, I'm getting this error: " There was a problem connecting your Stripe account". I know it should work because I previously by mistake connect read more
1 upvote
5 Replies
March 04, 2024 20:45
Hi @StephaneTheoret - Give me few mins am on top of it
MJV47 on March 03, 2024
Description: We are currently experiencing an issue with the WhatsApp native integration when creating WhatsApp templates with a dynamic URL. The goal is to pull data from each one of our customers, specifically their email addresses, to track read more
March 04, 2024 19:46
Hi. Your support team suggested that I post the issue here, as it has been more than a year since I reported this issue.
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