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EBirdsall on February 02, 2023
Sales Rep entered a quote in the UI in this order: Bananas Carrots Apples Oranges When I pull the Line Items from the API for this Quote It comes back; Carrots Oranges Bananas Apples Any idea why the order would be different?
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lepeshinskii on February 02, 2023
Hello! It would seem that the end-point for batch archival/deletion of associations, doesn't care for the label type, e.g. when I have the follwing associations in contact: "associations": { "companies": { "results": [ { read more
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MDidu on February 02, 2023
Good morning, everyone, I am Michela Didu and I am in charge of HubSpot management in a startup that sells AI software. I need some advice. I would like to learn how to better manage integrations with other tools and also with our site. Do you have read more
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February 02, 2023 08:48
Hello Michela, how are you? Unfortunelly the HubSpot doesn't have a course about this subject in the moment, but the documentarion is very usefull...read more
NBouzid on February 02, 2023
Hello everyone, I am starting to work with cards, I was able to have an image displayed but I want this image to be clickable, but i can't find where to add the link . Here is the code in its basic form, where there is just an image : read more
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CDarji on February 02, 2023
Hello, I need help in removing association between contact and companies using API. Contact screen of hubspot with multiple companies association Request for remove association I have one contact and it's association with multiple c read more
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YouAssa95 on February 02, 2023
Hello everyone, I developped a hubSpot application, installed on my hubspot test account and want to use the timeline events created by this app as triggers to workflows/lists. I can't find this section when trying to create workFlows, regarding th read more
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PB52 on February 02, 2023
Hi, We have a click2call integration with hubspot, and we want to extend the functionaliy to dialer (own product). Issue is that, there is no place in crm when user can click to pop-up agent webrtc calling panel. In clickToCall it pops-up when read more
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Webgas on February 01, 2023
Hello, we have a non hubspot form built with Fluent Forms conversational forms. Unfortunately, Hubspot doesn't recongize it as a form as it's developed on VUE and we are not able to retrieve the Web Analytics history of the users that are fillin i read more
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February 02, 2023 09:36
Thank you @himanshurauthan will test that!
reddyarjun050 on February 01, 2023
{"status":"error","message":"couldn't find a matching item in NetSuite with the name or SKU TA","correlationId":"ed6e02b0-4a76-415e-bcd8-ec3169168a6a","context":{"lineItemSku":["TA"]},"category":"OBJECT_NOT_FOUND","subCategory":"CreateSalesOrderAuto read more
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Community Manager
February 02, 2023 09:34
Hey, can you provide more details, please? Thanks, Jaycee
RickTettSkyKick on February 01, 2023
When using the Dynamics 365 sync, if there are fields that we want to sync in both directions, how does the sync know which value is newest. Does it use the modifiedon date/time on each Dynamics record or is there a field specific way to determine w read more
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RickTettSkyKick on February 01, 2023
We have a field on the Contact record in our Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM system to hold a HubSpot record id and we have an iframe on the Contact form that displays the HubSpot Contact using that HubSpot id. How can we map the HubSpot ID into the Dyna read more
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RickTettSkyKick on February 01, 2023
We have a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM database with millions of Contacts, but we only want to sync a subset of them into HubSpot. We have configured the Sync Limit rules to include only those Contacts where fieldA and fieldB are empty. But there i read more
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