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DKevans on June 17, 2024
Hi, If someone could help me with this it would be much appreciated. Im using make.com to do an integration. I created a datetime via API, but when I set the value to "now" in Make its not setting the time correctly (date is OK, but time is alwa read more
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JSilva66 on June 17, 2024
My post got marked as spam. Would someone be able to please move it out the spam folder for me?
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SKundu6 on June 17, 2024
Hi everyone, I hope this message finds you well. We are seeking assistance with an issue that has arisen following our transition from using Hapikey (v2 version) to a Private App (v3 version) for our API calls. Since making this change, we have en read more
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CCristev on June 17, 2024
Hi, Thanks to the recent addition of Conditional Options ( https://knowledge.hubspot.com/properties/set-up-conditional-options-for-properties ), we are now able to set up conditional options through the HubSpot interface. However, the process can e read more
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MGoldstone on June 17, 2024
Hello all, I'm trying to understand the differences between some call properties: hs_object_source, hs_object_source_label, hs_engagement_source, and hs_call_source. In addition, I'm trying to understand what the different value options read more
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HaseebAmeer on June 17, 2024
Hello Devs, I want to know is there any way to get real time logs using HubSpot api? I want to know that which user created the contact or company as on the front end it is not visable and the "owner of the contace/comapny" field is empty and that read more
June 17, 2024 06:22
Hello, You can retrieve contacts by this API https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/crm/contacts . You can update the 'properties' field in the qu...read more
DSharma01 on June 15, 2024
Hi Everyone, I just wanted to ask whether there is an option to install a private app into another user account. This private app integrates a UI extension (CRM Card) developed using CRM Development Tools Beta. Is there a way to install this read more
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Community Manager
June 17, 2024 05:28
Hi @DSharma01 , Thank you for asking the Community! Regarding installing a private app into another user account, I can see that you'll need to ...read more
dlapointeus on June 14, 2024
Hi - we have a process in our system that calls HubSpot to first create a contact via the standard crm endpoint. We wait until we receive a response (success) apply some additional logic in our system, and then send a webhook back to HubSpot for up read more
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Member | Elite Partner
June 14, 2024 17:20
Yes, exactly
SamRahaMable on June 14, 2024
Hi, I'm getting a CORS error for trying to call my hubspot hosted serverless function from my hosted hubspot website page: 'Access to fetch at https: //mabletherapy.com/_hcms/api/submitResponses' from origin ' https://www.mabletherapy read more
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Community Manager
June 17, 2024 03:04
Hi @SamRahaMable , Thank you for asking the Community! I'd like to share these similar threads that might help you: - Access to XMLHttpRequest...read more
ASargsyan8 on June 14, 2024
Hi HubSpot team , We are pushing documents to HubSpot with API and some docs are being blocked . Please let me know what the issue could be because it is blocking our processes . Reason from HubSpot API response This website is using a sec read more
1 upvote
3 Replies
Top Contributor
June 17, 2024 07:40
Hi @ASargsyan8 Great point! One potential issue could be file size limits for uploaded images. Consider compressing the images to give a try on ...read more
utilmind on June 14, 2024
Hello! My use case is following: I'm already identifying visitors, specifying email (and other optional identification info) for logged in site users. Also the site allows to request free samples of production without previous user registrat read more
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Community Manager
June 17, 2024 02:59
Hi @utilmind , Thank you for reaching out to the Community! Once the contact is created, if you'd like to update it via API, here is the endpoin...read more
KGielen on June 14, 2024
I have Exact syncing with Hubspot however I still use Exact for reporting on Deals. I noticed that a Deal created in Hubspot this morning isn't yet showing in Hubspot, which I find acceptable. This does pop up the question how often Hubspot syncs da read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
Accepted Solution
June 17, 2024 03:03
Problem solved. It looked like the syncing of Deals was turned off for some reason. Which is weird as I have already synced these before. Anyway. Tha...read more
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