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SFed on March 29, 2023
I'm new with HubSpot development. I try to follow the instruction about the dev environment, projects, etc. It seems that hs auth should be done for dev account, not test one. Then, it will allow me to push project to account. When I open http read more
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JStenbaek on March 29, 2023
Hi All, I don’t know what the right channel is, so now I am trying here we are having a problem with connecting Zoom to Hubspot as Hubspot import all recording into HubSpot including Board meeting, hiring interviews etc. We would therefore li read more
AGUESMI on March 29, 2023
I use hubspot Api with a laravel project , After a change in a form I don 't get any submission here is my code: if (isset($_COOKIE['hubspotutk'])) { $cookie = $_COOKIE['hubspotutk']; } else { $cookie =''; } $this->hub read more
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AndreyL on March 29, 2023
hi, we have 2 two identical applications (for DEV and STAGING) with the dropdown menu which triggers our service's endpoint to fetch a data and display it in Workflow right panel. (Dev app uses dev_service, but stating - separate staging_service ) read more
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MChauhan1 on March 29, 2023
I want a custom field for the blog that I can retrieve from the API call result directly. It can be an event date, podcast date, or any specific data that I would like to pass it from the HubSpot blog backend. Where do I have to make changes to read more
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TDwebdev on March 28, 2023
Hi, My use case is as follow: 1. i have two portals connected to my app 2. when i change a property in one portal the event hook is triggerd and i get the portal id with the changed property Question: How can i use the event with p read more
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ATam8 on March 28, 2023
I am trying to fetch deals from a custom deals stage that was created in the timeline. I am trying to fetch it using filtergroup as follows: "filterGroups": [ { "filters": [ { read more
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Contributor | Diamond Partner
March 28, 2023 23:51
Hi ATam8, It seems that there's a comma at the end of your code. Can you try the following code instead: "filterGroups": [ ...read more
Vessel on March 28, 2023
We use hs_email_direction to determine whether an email is incoming or not. Incoming emails have the value of INCOMING_EMAIL. However, we're seeing incoming emails being marked with the value of EMAIL despite emails being sent to users we have in ou read more
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Eric_Goldman on March 28, 2023
Hey everyone, We just built a real-time sync on HubSpot. We sync all your standard objects, custom objects, and associations to your database. Often, if your HubSpot integration requires any scale, you'll need a sync like this too. You'll kn read more
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Community Manager
March 28, 2023 10:23
Hey, hey @Eric_Goldman 👋 Thanks for sharing your post! — Jaycee
RLehrhaupt on March 28, 2023
I have a bit of a dilemma for an integration automation I want to employ. We have calls that come in from different call centers, through different mediums, etc... I am trying to make active lists that can be accessed by our sales team which fil read more
Contributor | Diamond Partner
March 29, 2023 00:26
Hi RLehrhaupt, I suggest checking out https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/crm/search for more information.
02555 on March 28, 2023
Hi, I am struggling with getting the right phone format on a embedded form, currently numbers are entering as 5555555555, when I will like it to be 555-555-5555. When I only enter 1 or 2 numbers, it accepts it as a valid number, I put a min and read more
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DanielHuelin on March 28, 2023
Hello, I am using the Hubspot API and I managed to create a contact but when I try to add it to a list it returns this: { "status" : "error" , "message" : "internal error" , "correlationId" : "f331b738-b77b- read more
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March 28, 2023 14:58
Thanks for the response, unfortunately i did not get it resolved, here you have a GET request to " https://api.hubspot.com/contacts/v1/lists/** ": ...read more
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