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TheBon on September 29, 2022
Hello, I've had a question from our web developers, who are working on migrating the e-commerce bridge to the new API. They have reviewed the developers page on the topic. What is the simplest way of using the internalObjectId after changing to v read more
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JMercado4 on September 29, 2022
We are trying to connect Hubspot to our homegrown application that uses JWT authentication on the client-side. The JWT only exists in memory. We have SSO enabled that allows for navigation between both applications. As we navigate from our Hubspot l read more
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WelbiPaul on September 29, 2022
Hi; we're evaluating HubSpot analytics for our web application. Other analytics competitors have ways of redacting sensitive information from being tracked - by adding a class name or custom data attribute. Is there similar functionality in HubSpot? read more
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HubSpot Employee
September 29, 2022 15:04
Can you give an example of what data would show up where in HubSpot that you want redacted? I'm unclear on your use case still.
CRomero2 on September 29, 2022
Hi Team! I have a project with Hubspot Plugin in Woocomerce, we have a part called abandoned carts. Nevertheless We're looking for change it and launch a new eccomerce with our own code, the problem is we need to lauch the same flow "Abandoned Cart read more
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DValencia3 on September 29, 2022
Hi, this is something that was already discussed here but not solution was actually provided. onFormSubmit should return event.data as an array but it is returning an object instead. Expected result: Actual Result
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Accepted Solution
HubSpot Employee
September 29, 2022 12:23
I agree that is pretty weird. I've never seen that before. Have you tried to contact support. I imagine they might say it's custom code and to post h...read more
Dostiguy on September 29, 2022
Hi there... I actually spoke to you directly in a ticket regarding this issue a while ago but it clearly has never been adressed. (I am flavorgasted that its never been caught up before and still an ongoing issue). As far as I know, this read more
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RPeterson6 on September 29, 2022
A bit of an issue going on. I am developing a react app that uses react-hubspot-form to embed a hubspot registration form on the page. The form, when submitted, should create a contact card. However, this is not always the case. After deployment read more
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L_P on September 29, 2022
I am struggling with "api.hubapi.com/deals/v1/deal/" and private apps authentication. SITUATION - I've tested the call in API tester (similar to Postman) and it works - the other private apps I use in PHP work - however, this one in PHP returns read more
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michelangeloWN on September 29, 2022
Hi there, we are testing a custom app (a Chromebar extension) to make calls directly from the HubSpot web pages. The Chromebar extension is connected to a contact center software hosted on premise via WebRTC. We would like to test the calls throu read more
Community Manager
September 29, 2022 14:44
Hi, @michelangeloWN 👋 Thanks for reaching out. Hey, @Mike_Eastwood @himanshurauthan do you have any insight here? I acknowledge this i...read more
Raklet on September 29, 2022
Hello, Created two apps one for the test purposes the another one for the production purposes, both have same configuration just client id's & secrets and return urls are different. But when I'm trying to connect hubspot to the platform I just read more
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sumitkhunger on September 29, 2022
How to update hs_is_closed using API? I want to close a deal using API and I checked this is the property field which is marked try when a deal is closed. I am getting the following error while updating it { "validationResults" : [ read more
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Community Manager
September 29, 2022 14:31
Hey, @sumitkhunger 👋 I can confirm this isn't a feature. This property is one of a handful of internal calculated properties that cannot be a...read more
MBowyer on September 29, 2022
I'm trying to get the lead status as shown below on the left, in my call on a private app. I'm currently calling the below which gets me all my contacts but doesn't return the lead status. hubspotClient . crm . contacts . getAll ( read more
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Community Manager
September 29, 2022 14:02
Hey, @MBowyer 👋 I feel like I don't have the full answer, but I can get us closer. The property Marketing Contact Status has an internal ...read more
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