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TH7 on February 04, 2023
Hello. Does anyone have experience creating custom calculations that count associated records or return minimum/maximum dates? For example, I create a custom object record whenever the recent conversion field changes and associate it read more
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eibach-cv on February 03, 2023
According to Hubspot API docs , I should use this request to make a line item assocaition to a deal import hubspot from pprint import pprint from hubspot.crm.line_items import ApiException client = hubspot.Client.create(access_token="YOUR_ACC read more
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AAndrade6 on February 03, 2023
I'm having trouble with new or saved custom codes after 01/30/2023. When I try to make this call below, it returns this error: let idContact; const toObjectType = "contact"; try { const apiResponse = await hubspotClient.crm.tick read more
MElyea on February 03, 2023
I saw this post and would like to request a trial of Single Send API to test transactional emails. We have both a production and test account, and would like to test sending a welcome email when a user signs up. Thank you.
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Community Manager
February 03, 2023 17:10
Hi, @MElyea 👋 Because you have a paid portal as well as a developer account, have you already tried the following steps? Please open a request...read more
Craig on February 03, 2023
I'm using an old contact/createOrUpdate endpoint from v1 API that I need to migrate to using private apps. I've removed the hapi key query param from the request URL, and am sending the access token in the headers - yet I recieve a 401 error. read more
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DBellavance on February 03, 2023
Hi, We have contacts with multiple company associated with them. One of the company is the primary and I'm able to get the primary company id of the by checking the "associated-company". But I cannot find the a way to query the secondary com read more
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Community Manager
February 03, 2023 17:00
Hey, @DBellavance 👋 Can you share an example request and response? I tried from the associations endpoint and returned both the primary and addi...read more
dmilovanov on February 03, 2023
Hi there, is it possible to manage access to emails via hubspot (marketing ) api like it is possible in the UI (see pics)? I would like to grand access to some emails only for one Team. And if it is possible while posting an email using marketing read more
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ebp on February 03, 2023
Hi, I want to know what is the purpose of an unenrollment by a goal ? By the way, I have a contact based workflow with a goal and a contact enroll. The contact met the goal so it was unenroll. But it is never automatically re-enroll when i read more
5 Replies
February 03, 2023 12:35
Thank you for your fast answer. I think the issue is in the terminology Hubspot uses. In fact, the term Unenroll is not what it seems to be. For m...read more
Setmore on February 03, 2023
Although Setmore has subscribed webhooks for Contact - Properties Changed, webhook is not recieved on a contact updation for a specific contact. Portal ID: 23941895 Contact ID:601 Approx. Updation Time: 3rd Feburary 2023 12:00 PM IST
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aparisi on February 03, 2023
Hi, HubSpot community I'm using the HubSpot python library to search contacts by email: filters = [Filter(property_name="email", operator="EQ", value="test@test.com")] filter_group = FilterGroup(filters=filters) request = PublicObjectSearch read more
1 upvote
2 Replies
February 03, 2023 05:31
Hey @Chriso-mwx , thanks for your quick reply. From the snipped I posted, I excluded some details like error handling for the sake of simplicity...read more
February 03, 2023 02:05
Please some one can help ? thanks a lot
SMarburger on February 03, 2023
Hello, i search to generate a link with the meeting of contact with the schduled alredy pre slect on Completed. i don't know how to call the id of the meeting, and how to do to pre selecte completed by the link. I dont know how create an api o read more
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