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Roxane05 on August 16, 2022
Hello, I am a bit confused with putting in place OAuth 2. My domain is still not verified after 48hrs and it seems that as long as it is not i cant access the API because the token generated seems not to be valid. Can someone explain to me t read more
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JCergolj on August 16, 2022
Hi, there is there a way to API search lists by their name? Thanks.
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EEnzipe on August 16, 2022
In developer account i create an app so when i send request with app C lient Secret then show error if I do create test app and inside test app create private app then send request with Access tokenthen API response contacts list how i read more
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HUllah0 on August 15, 2022
I want to get/pull all the contacts with hs_leads_status = Open and i am using https://api.hubapi.com/contacts/v1/lists/all/contacts/all?count=100&property=phone&property=hs_lead_status&hs_lead_status=Open but it returns hs_leads_statu read more
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Top Contributor | Platinum Partner
August 16, 2022 01:04
Hey @HUllah0 , We recently had a similar question on that topic. @Teun answered it the same I would have by recommending the Search API en...read more
AShen6 on August 15, 2022
as per title. Also do not get returned by "Export forms" button on HubSpot forms page either. Would be great if it can get filtered by a `parentId` query in API too.
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Top Contributor | Platinum Partner
August 16, 2022 01:17
Hey @AShen6 , I assume you're using this endpoint: GET /marketing/v3/forms/ I've just tested this with our forms, and I'm getting al...read more
GLittle9 on August 15, 2022
When using the MS Edge browser, this is showing up in the console: Tracking Prevention blocked access to storage for https://track.hubspot.com/__ptq.gif?k=1&sd=3840x2160&cd=24-bit&cs=UTF-8&ln=en-us&bfp=...&v=1.1& read more
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NelsonS on August 15, 2022
Hello community, MARKETING & SALES ENTERPRISE I have done with satisfaction the connection of the HubSpot application with Data Factory - DataLake, but at the moment of getting the information I only get half of my records of the read more
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knaps on August 15, 2022
Hello! I'm a bit of a newbie at Hubspot, but we're hosting a separate website with light integration with HubSpot. Right now it only embeds unstyled forms into some of our pages. A colleague has asked that we integrate to show collections of read more
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jeffemartinez on August 15, 2022
Hello, Sorry for confusion if any. We are integrating our website inquiry forms to HubSpot so when they are filled out it creates a lead and then we sync it to Salesfore. We are having an issue where a user for example is in Spain and chooses read more
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ArminK on August 15, 2022
Hello, I am currently migrating out hub spot integration to the new API. I have created an app, and replaced the old nodejs module with the new that you have provided on your api page. I replaced some of or logic that writes contacts into hubspot. read more
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Community Manager
August 15, 2022 15:02
Hey, @ArminK 👋 Quick questions to help the community better understand what you've already tried. Specifically, which endpoints are you cur...read more
RBRESK on August 15, 2022
Im trying to obrtain a value from embedded HubSpot form on the website using GTM at the moment of form submission. Im using this basic script as form submit listener <script type="text/javascript"> window.addEventListener("message", fu read more
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RCockren on August 15, 2022
Hello, I'm running a python script in an automated workflow action and I keep getting an error when I test the python script in HubSpot. The code works fine on my local machine . Curious if anyone knows if the python interpreter works differently read more
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