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ARatiu on February 21, 2024
I am making a GET request to the following address https://api.hubapi.com/automation/v2/workflows/enrollments/contacts/18821 and not getting anything in response when. I can look in the dashboard and see that a specific contact is enrolled in read more
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MeganReid on February 21, 2024
Hi everyone! Hoping there's someone smarter than I, who can assist with this. Read my situation below: We are college that uses HubSpot to assign new lead inquiries to one of three sales team members on a rotation. As of Jan 1, one sales me read more
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Rezrva on February 21, 2024
Hi there community, I added hubspot to our stripe account last year, and seems like a year later, there are 2 different apps for hubspot - Data Sync and Payments, whereas before it was only one. I've tried numerous times to update it, uninstall it read more
BLincoln2 on February 21, 2024
I'm just getting started with a POC of a public app. I've got the basic oAuth flow wired up but I feel like I'm not fully understanding something. What I'm thinking for basic architecture: - my app will live in the CRM in an iframe, triggered from read more
1 Reply
February 21, 2024 14:50
Will take some time to get some close solutions, meantime you can also refer to this artifacts which will help you the most: https://developers....read more
ChrisSosa1337 on February 21, 2024
I would like to know, is there an API call that I can make based on the current lookup? I know there is the Lists API, but even better would be that I can use the current lookup based on the filtered companies. My goal is to use this data to send to read more
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Verakso on February 21, 2024
Hi I am fairly new to HubSpot, but I am already beginning to get a good understanding of Objects and Custom Objects, reading, creating, deleting, merge and updating records. One thing I am struggling with is associations. I am in the process o read more
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Mahe on February 21, 2024
Hi, I am trying to create a workflow which, when a deal is renewed, creates a new deal, and then adds line items. I have made the custom code extracting the line item information from the original deal, and then i have added an action called "Creat read more
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Contributor | Platinum Partner
February 21, 2024 09:21
I agree with @Josh , I would use two workflows. One workflow for creating the new deal and associating to the last deal, and a second workflow for g...read more
FAndreas on February 21, 2024
Hello, I'm Freddy. Recently I'm Developing Custom API That Integrated With Hubsopt Developer API and Hubspot CRM API. Picture Provided are my custom API. I Already get the prequristies but still error in local development. How Can I Fix this? read more
JGarcía5 on February 21, 2024
Hi guys! During the last week I am having problems with the API when I try to get the companies. I have built an incremental pipeline with python API, searching only the companies with the lastmodifieddate greater than my current one storaged in my read more
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Yasar on February 21, 2024
1. /crm/v4/associations/{fromObjectType}/{toObjectType}/batch/read 2. /crm/v4/associations/{fromObjectType}/{toObjectType}/batch/create
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swise on February 20, 2024
I am trying to find a way to easily track engagement, for example email opens, separately between our two business units. I am wondering if using a custom coded action might be a way to do this. If I use an event trigger for a contact workflow of "o read more
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JoyVillapando on February 20, 2024
Hey everyone, I was wondering if there is a way to track when a user logs in through the membership login templates. I need to add tracking through GTM; but there doesn't seem to be an event or api to check whether a login is successful. Thanks for read more
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