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HaseebAmeer 6月 25日, 2024
Hello, I am trying to get data of meetings that took place in last 1 year, However after many modification I am unable to get data in Meeting duration and attendee field, by verifying manually I can view it on HubSpot but it is not being fetched b 続きを読む
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AHall94 6月 25日, 2024
Hi guys, we're working with our own database of marketing contacts and we want to be able to sync this with hubspot via an API call. From a users perspective the desired functionality is they can choose some contacts in our UI (that may or may not e 続きを読む
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6月 25日, 2024 10:53
Also I did find this article from all the way back in 2020 but that still doesn't seem to have a solution https://community.hubspot.com/t5/APIs-Inte...続きを読む
MAlMasri 6月 25日, 2024
Dears, I have created a webhook in the workflow and added it as a trigger. I am triggering it via Postman with the following details: URL : https://api-na1.hubapi.com/automation/v4/webhook-triggers/X XXXX Data in the Body : { "fi 続きを読む
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pbeville 6月 25日, 2024
I would like to completely automate the quote process and can successfully associate deals, custom quotes, line items and contacts but I cannot associate the hubspot user and company so the automated process fails and I cannot update the quote statu 続きを読む
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6月 25日, 2024 05:10
Great question.
NLevert 6月 25日, 2024
Our integration have the following scopes : crm.objects.contacts.read crm.objects.contacts.write crm.schemas.contacts.read Doing the associtation request : curl --request POST \ --url https://api.hubapi.com/crm/v4/associations/email/ 続きを読む
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6月 25日, 2024 12:33
Hey, @NLevert 👋 One thing to try based on some support tickets I found internally — can you make a net new Private App and try again? T...続きを読む
TMiller4 6月 24日, 2024
HI, It has been awhile since I have used custom code in Hubspot, back when it was API vs. Private Apps. I am tyring to use the following code to populate data into Hubspot for a referred contact. I think my error is in how I am trying to use t 続きを読む
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キーアドバイザー | Platinum Partner
6月 25日, 2024 03:14
Hi @TMiller4 Problem with your search API payload, see the screenshot below: In the screenshot, Please replace properties with properties:pr...続きを読む
JTrygg 6月 24日, 2024
I have pulled email events from this endpoint - https://developers.hubspot.com/beta-docs/guides/api/analytics-and-events/email-analytics I have a use case where I'd like to relate any given email event to the specific email the event came f 続きを読む
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ガイド役 | Solutions Partner
6月 25日, 2024 13:09
@JTrygg - I agree. I've read the documentation and it does seem like there's a missing link in the logic of how this is supposed to be used or perh...続きを読む
JJones01 6月 24日, 2024
I am trying to create a connection to the Authorize.net API so that when a client submits a form (with payment information) , that form will call the Authorize.net API to capture and authorize the payment (we were told we had to go this way as the o 続きを読む
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6月 25日, 2024 12:17
Hey, @JJones01 👋 Can you share any additional details — a link to the guide you are using or your code block, for example? Without more ...続きを読む
karien 6月 24日, 2024
is it possible to copy a file upload to another file upload field
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1 コメント
メンバー | Gold Partner
6月 24日, 2024 08:05
Hi @karien , Yes, it is possible to copy a file upload from one field to another using workflows. Follow the steps below to set up the workflo...続きを読む
ASpyropoulos 6月 24日, 2024
Hi all, I am looking to get some more information about the "unlabaled" returned values from the API. So I have a company (companyA) that has 2 deals (dealA and dealB). DealA has only 1 primary association which is companyA ( DealA -> Comp 続きを読む
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6月 25日, 2024 03:09
Thanks Gaurav, Do you know know the below? 2) Also why (DealA -> CompanyA) has 2 returned values. 1 with type company_to_deal and 1 with ty...続きを読む
SKundu6 6月 24日, 2024
Hi everyone, I hope this message finds you well. We are seeking assistance with an issue that has arisen following our transition from using Hapikey (v2 version) to a Private App (v3 version) for our API calls. Since making this change, we have en 続きを読む
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6月 17日, 2024 07:05
Hi everyone, I hope this message finds you well. We are seeking assistance with an issue that has arisen following our transition from using Hapike...続きを読む
AT9 6月 24日, 2024
good day! could you please advice on whether we can ask for the API creds after the OAuth flow completed? will this violate the publishing requirements? the thing is we're using 3rd-party service, which provides api creds to the user, so that user c 続きを読む
0 いいね!
1 コメント
6月 24日, 2024 11:10
Hi, @AT9 Welcome to our community! Thanks for your question. Let's invite some of our community members to the conversation – hey @zach_threadi...続きを読む



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