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MAKIN on Setembro 27, 2023
Hello, When I merge contact A with contact B, I think contact B's lastmodifieddate should be updated, but the lastmodifieddate is not changing. Therefore, I cannot access merged records using the v3 API search endpoint. Is there an end Leia mais
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BApplications on Setembro 27, 2023
Hello, we are developing an app that we aim to publish on the marketplace. However, since one of the requirements for listing on the marketplace is to have at least 3 active install we were wondering strategies used by the community on how to re Leia mais
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Setembro 27, 2023 19:04
I would definetly be interested in hear about your journey. I will send you a DM for checking you availability.
KStAngel on Setembro 27, 2023
In a Zapier automation I'm working on, I have a known pipeline id, and I would like to use the Hubspot API to pull just the stage that is labeled "Closed won". Is that feasible, or is there no search capabilities for deal stages? I'm currently s Leia mais
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RShaban on Setembro 27, 2023
Hi everyone ! I am currently trying to implement inbound calls workflow using calling extension SDK. ``` const payload = { createEngagement : true , fromNumber : this . getFromNumber ( result . call ), toNumber Leia mais
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Jun22 on Setembro 27, 2023
Hello Guys , I got a small tweak on my code below image ., Can you give me idea how to make the domain from the API call to be dynamic. Because we plan to install the theme to another account. right now the domain is static e.g "transforminator.co Leia mais
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Conselheiro(a) de destaque | Parceiro Ouro
Setembro 27, 2023 18:56
Hi @Jun22 HubSpot has a number of variables available in diffrent places (e.g. templates, modules, emails, etc.). Try this: var...Leia mais
adamhiggins on Setembro 27, 2023
I'm trying to auto generate 200+ active lists. The catch is the data is in a custom object named nf_mailing_list . I've tried using propertyObjectType field and specifying nf_mailing_list . But it results in an error. The error reported back only Leia mais
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Setembro 27, 2023 14:56
Thank you so much for this sample schriftgenerator { "name": "Mailing List | Name", "dynamic": true, "portalId": "1234567", "filters": [ ...Leia mais
MDavydenko on Setembro 27, 2023
hi y'all. Maybe someone knows how to get the data from a picture it seems I need to use GET /marketing-emails/v1/emails/with-statistics endpoint , but I cant figure out how to filter by date.
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eibach-cv on Setembro 27, 2023
Whenever a customer visits the cart and checkout page on our website, I have set up workflows to create or update a deal in HubSpot. However, there's a particular scenario that's causing headaches: when a customer proceeds to checkout very q Leia mais
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rob_jiang on Setembro 27, 2023
I am testing Hubspot to send emails. I can send email to myself, but when send emails to outside emails, it says "message not delivered". I can not find any further information on why. How can I resolve this issue? Could it because that I am Leia mais
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RomanL on Setembro 27, 2023
Dear all I want to set up a reporting using website metrics. I need some metrics. I am looking into the analytics-API (e.g.: https://api.hubapi.com/analytics/v2/reports/totals/summarize/weekly?start=20220101&end=20220109) and it seems to me Leia mais
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rocketman22 on Setembro 27, 2023
Hello everybody, I'm trying to perform a search on Deals, using the API's Search method. The search requires 3 parameters in the filters. However, one of these parameters uses the "NOT_IN" operator, as I need the return of all deals from the con Leia mais
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Manno on Setembro 27, 2023
Hi, Our company has created a third party hubspot app and it is used by our customers to enrich their contact data with data from our system and other data that we collect. We try to match a contact based on information from our system and i Leia mais
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