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michelangeloWN on July 18, 2024
Hi I'm reaching out for assistance on optimizing our import process via the HubSpot API. We're currently facing a couple of challenges and would appreciate your expertise. 1) Batch API Import : We've been using the batch API to import records read more
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unnu on July 18, 2024
I found out, that you can update the preview text of a marketing email with the PATCH /marketing/v3/emails/{emailId} endpoint. PATCH https://api.hubapi.com/marketing/v3/emails/{emailId} The payload looks like this: { ... 'subject read more
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Thought Leader | Platinum Partner
July 18, 2024 06:40
Hey @unnu I can't say for sure if this will be removed or not. It's totally possible that this just hasn't been documented yet, but in general if s...read more
芳春大隅 on July 18, 2024
Hello, I'm currently working on a project to import HubSpot reporting data into Google Sheets. I'm trying to retrieve data using the endpoint below, but I'm getting a 404 error. Could someone please teach me the solution...? https://api.hubapi read more
Thought Leader | Platinum Partner
July 18, 2024 06:38
Hey @芳春大隅 the HubSpot api key system was deprecated in 2022 and can no longer be used. You'll need to use the latest reporting apis along with ...read more
Prabakaran on July 18, 2024
I have configured webhooks in sanbox account and doing the action to create a contact but the logger shows this, how to resolve? kindly help { "status": "error", "message": "The scope needed for this API call isn't available for public use. If you read more
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Thought Leader | Platinum Partner
July 18, 2024 06:36
Hey @Prabakaran what endpoint are you using to do this?
CAshworth1 on July 17, 2024
Hi, I've noticed the docs say that a 207 response is possible but it doesn't go into detail about the specifics of how that might happen. Right now, my batch create contact requests fail completely if one contact exists already, instead of crea read more
1 upvote
2 Replies
Key Advisor | Platinum Partner
July 18, 2024 07:43
Hi @CAshworth1 HubSpot doesn't create duplicate contacts and the email filed has to be unique. If contact with the same email is present the...read more
MJohnson33 on July 17, 2024
Hello. I have an Apollo.io/Hubspot integration. I already have all the leads I need in Hubspot. I'm looking to overwrite the emails I already have for those leads in Hubspot using Apollo.io; however, I noticed that Apollo.io doesn't have an email fi read more
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AngelicaEnGen on July 17, 2024
I am working on integrating a Typeform form into my HubSpot landing page. My goal is to have a video on the landing page where learners are required to complete a form at a specific point in the video to continue watching. I have successfully implem read more
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Thought Leader | Platinum Partner
July 17, 2024 13:33
Hey @AngelicaEnGen you can add custom HTML through the rich text modules by clicking on "advanced" and selecting the source code option. However, I...read more
MoneebAmin on July 17, 2024
I am reaching out to seek your assistance with an issue I am experiencing with the retry mechanism for my custom code action in HubSpot workflows. Despite following the documented guidelines for raising exceptions to trigger retries, it appears that read more
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teja21 on July 17, 2024
I'm able to fetch other details with this api: https://api.hubspot.com/settings/v3/users Such as First Name, Last Name, but I also wants to fetch profile image and mobile number from hubspot users. Following is response I'm getting with above A read more
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Contributor | Elite Partner
July 17, 2024 11:11
You can pull all available properties for users from the properties endpoint, / crm/v3/properties/users. That being said, I don't see user ima...read more
BNeelshen on July 17, 2024
Hi there, We are working on our own AI chatbot, and I'm looking into the specific ways in which we can seamlessly connect it to our existing HubSpot CRM. It's crucial for us to be able to check the availability status of our agents, access and upd read more
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Thought Leader | Platinum Partner
July 17, 2024 13:40
Hey @BNeelshen just FYI HubSpot does have native tools to handle agenct availability, but if you want to use third party tools then you'll need to ...read more
DSubashev on July 17, 2024
Hi, We have 2 account on hubspot : - testing account - production account When we try from our platform to create a new company on the Hubspot testing account using api calls with the email that already belong to existing company we don't have read more
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2 Replies
Accepted solution
Thought Leader | Platinum Partner
July 17, 2024 06:55
Hey @DSubashev is the email field in company a custom property? I've never seen email used on the company level. It's usually used on the contact l...read more
ADev-Torii on July 17, 2024
Hello everyone, I've been encountering a recurring error lately: 429 - {"status": "error" , "message" : "You have reached your daily limit." , "errorType" : "RATE_LIMIT" } This error happens every other day. I'm using a private app to g read more
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Top Contributor
July 17, 2024 03:55
Hi @ADev-Torii 👋 Do you have any other Public Apps in the given HubSpot Portal making large numbers of requests? The 500K calls per day li...read more
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