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kobrien94 on Dezembro 05, 2023
Is there a way through the HubSpot API to add a PDF file to a Company in HubSpot under the attachments section? I am auto-generating a PDF in my C# application. After the PDF is created, I am trying to post this PDF to the company object in HubS Leia mais
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SmitPatel on Dezembro 05, 2023
Hi, I want to create a new contact in Hubspot but the condition is to store the contact details in the encrypted form. so let me explain the scenario briefly. Let's say i have multiple organizations that are using the different accounts of HubSpot d Leia mais
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CTHDigital on Dezembro 05, 2023
I am experiencing a problem when attempting to add a new checkbox field ( objectChoice ) to an existing action definition in my HubSpot configuration. Despite my efforts to align with the API documentation and requirements, I keep encountering a val Leia mais
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DAdmin9 on Dezembro 04, 2023
We need something else which is the SQL statement to retrieve all the required fields from both the tickets table and calls table. We have some fields that are required in the project in both tables tickets and calls. We need the SQL stateme Leia mais
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ACrawford89 on Dezembro 04, 2023
Hello, I am running into an issue with my WebHook. I'm relatively new to this so I will attach a screen shot but this is the error I am receiving and on Hubspot's side it is not receiving the test. " [result] => {"status":"error","message":"Inv Leia mais
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BSierakowski on Dezembro 04, 2023
Hey there! I've got webhooks working great for contact creation, updates, merging, deletion, etc, but I don't see a way to get a webhook when a note is created, todos, when an email or a call is logged, etc. Is there an endpoint that I'm missing t Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
4 Respostas
Dezembro 04, 2023 14:28
Ah, good call! Since I'm building the app to be used in the hubspot store it'd be better if we didnt need those subscriptions just to make sure more ...Leia mais
MTarnopolska on Dezembro 04, 2023
We have this form on the website. The form is not directly connected to HubSpot. This precise form is connected to a central endpoint that distributes data on multiple platforms. When a person has filled in this form and clicked on consent, their e Leia mais
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ADeConinck3 on Dezembro 04, 2023
I generate 2 or more duplicate forms onto my page inside modals using the v2 script. I have noticed the onFormSubmitted I attach to the form instances is called incorrectly on a different instance of the form about 75% of the time instead of the co Leia mais
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Zaidwithdkg on Dezembro 04, 2023
I have an issue with this https://api.hubapi.com/contacts/v1/lists/3/add API In the attached SS you can see my request payload and the error. I have done the same as the given documentation https://legacydocs.hubspot.com/docs Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
2 Respostas
Dezembro 04, 2023 22:30
Here is the response of your given https://api.hubapi.com/contacts/v1/lists/3 API { "portalId": 143728744, "listId": 3, "internalListId": 0, "cr...Leia mais
stractest on Dezembro 03, 2023
Hi, I have a use case to update a message content within a conversation thread via the Conversations API so that certain sensitive texts/attachments could be masked. From the developer documentation, I don't see any endpoints to make a PUT/PATC Leia mais
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Conselheiro(a) de destaque | Parceiro Platinum
Dezembro 04, 2023 07:25
Hi @stractest Yes, as you have mentioned this is in pipeline, but you test your query with this curl: curl --request PATCH \ --url https:...Leia mais
GGiordano on Dezembro 02, 2023
Context: I have the following code inside a loop, that ends in writing data to a gsheet: try: # Fetch individual deal details using its ID individual_deal = api_client.crm.deals.basic_api.get_by_id(deal.id) properties_data = individual_deal.p Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
1 Respostas
Gerente da Comunidade
Dezembro 04, 2023 12:53
Hey, @GGiordano 👋 Did you get this worked out? If not, I have a few questions to help give the community more information. Create a test Deal ...Leia mais
JL2124 on Dezembro 01, 2023
Hi, Im thinking about switching our wordpress forms over to Gravity forms because we have been having issues with Ninja forms and the Hubspot All-in-One Plugin. You can see my post below if anyone is interested in the problem we're having: Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
2 Respostas
Accepted Solution
Participante | Parceiro
Dezembro 01, 2023 16:46
Hi @JL2124 You won't have any conflicts between Gravity Form's HubSpot Add-on and HubSpot plugin. However, you will want to make sure you ...Leia mais
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