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RonaldoRubens22 le Février 29, 2024
I'm trying to get some products via API and I'm not succeeding. I'm using the same code to get deals and it's working. These are the permissions for my private app and my code: For me, there is no scope related to products to select Lire la suite
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GCADO le Février 29, 2024
A field called company name, that i have in a Webflow website in a Webflow Form. It is connected to hubspot with the Hubspot-Webflow app. All is correctly mapped and connected. All the other fields work but this one alwats return the following for t Lire la suite
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schat le Février 29, 2024
Boa tarde! Não esta sendo possível incluir a ação de envio de Whatsapp da extensão spread.chat dentro dos fluxos de trabalho baseado em contatos e negócios. Segue em anexo print do erro no fluxo + erro retornado no código.
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MKoduri le Février 29, 2024
Hi Team, i'm using CRM Assocations API for parent and child company associations. Now, i have a record where one company has 120 child companies assocations. how can i do that in a single api. Any suggestions please. Below is the link api wh Lire la suite
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Février 29, 2024 13:42
The best approach for this use case is to batch the associations into groups of 100 and make multiple API calls to manage more than 100 child compani...Lire la suite
TDearlove6 le Février 28, 2024
Hi All, long shot. We are trying to replace our current forms with a HubSpot form, but the blocking issue is we need to create a Rudderstack track event that fires upon from submisssion. Has anyone done this before? While HubSpot is a Source in Rudd Lire la suite
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Expert reconnu | Partenaire solutions Diamond
Février 29, 2024 05:13
Hi @TDearlove6 , if you're embedding the HubSpot forms on a "non-HubSpot-page" you can modify the form-embed code with a onFormSubmit action an...Lire la suite
aidanh le Février 28, 2024
In some scenarios a meeting may be scheduled by an existing contact but in the context of another company that is not their primary company. Firstly, because the contact is going the schedule a meeting via the meeting scheduler tool, it will con Lire la suite
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Accepted Solution
Contributeur de premier rang
Février 28, 2024 21:32
Hi @aidanh 👋 Thanks for describing your use case so clearly. I think you're bang on the money there. I don't see a more efficient solution...Lire la suite
ASoat8 le Février 28, 2024
We've integrated data our Sales CRM into HubSpot and want to set up an automated process to merge records in HubSpot. The business rule would be for HubSpot to merge any Contacts where their 'salescrm.customer_id' is the same. Anyone know how tha Lire la suite
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Février 29, 2024 12:57
Thanks Zach, Can you give me more info on the 'Merge Contacts' Workflow Action functionality in the Utilities for HubSpot app that you are working o...Lire la suite
FBizzotto le Février 28, 2024
Hello. I'm using the HubSpot API to integrate it with my system and I wanted more clarity on how to use the `hs_unique_creation_key` property. I see it listed in the properties of every object type, but I don't see any documentation of it. Lire la suite
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Gestionnaire de communauté
Février 28, 2024 17:17
Hi, @FBizzotto 👋 Welcome to the community. The error message you shared tells us the answer — the `hs_unique_creation_key` property is ...Lire la suite
AWhyBravo le Février 28, 2024
Hey everyone, I have set up a few webhooks and am now running on production. With my app, I am saving the hubspot portal ID when they connect to Hubspot and connecting this to the tenant. Then, when the webhook events come in, I can match the tena Lire la suite
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Accepted Solution
Contributeur de premier rang
Février 28, 2024 21:44
Hi @AWhyBravo 👋 Very strange indeed. Just to make sure I understand correctly, you're referring to HubSpot Public App Webhook subscription...Lire la suite
AdamBenjamin le Février 28, 2024
Im having some difficulty solving this Error in my Next.js 13 application. Full Error: Unhandled Runtime Error Error: reCAPTCHA placeholder element must be an element or id Im am using the app router and integrating the hubspot form using an em Lire la suite
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RonaldoRubens22 le Février 28, 2024
Is there any way, using the V4 association API, to place more than one object_id at once, without having to call the API several times? This is the way I'm currently doing it:
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Accepted Solution
Contributeur de premier rang
Février 28, 2024 22:00
Hi @RonaldoRubens22 👋 You might like to consider using the List Deals endpoint and specifying Line Items as a target association to be r...Lire la suite
kzhang1 le Février 28, 2024
is there api support like this feature like this
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Février 28, 2024 10:48
The below user refernece will also help you - https://legacydocs.hubspot.com/docs/methods/email/transactional_email/single-send-overview
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