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876rabbi on June 10, 2023
I'm trying to pull leads via celigo with a few specific custom data fields such as, lead status etc what api should I be targeting?
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AlejoArias on June 09, 2023
I had to delete my WhatsApp business account to be able to do the integration with HubSpot. But now I need to have the WhatsApp working again in my phone, but I have tried to reconnect with WhatsApp Business app on android and I never get the SMS, I read more
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Akbartus on June 09, 2023
Dear HubSpot team, We are exploring Signle Sign On feature for HubSpot. One of the main questions we still did not find answer as to whether we can create SSO using Azure AD for our external users/customers (not our company team members, who hav read more
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jluers on June 09, 2023
Hi, I'm attempting to setup SSO for a Customer Portal. I've followed the instructions and upon clicking Verify in the SSO setup, a window pop ups and does the verification. I receive a page with the message "SSO Setup Successful", however, nothi read more
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DR29 on June 09, 2023
I integrated with a reactjs app. Target rule only after the page refresh. Not working in a usual navigation.
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PBaxter on June 09, 2023
Hi, Using the search API, I get results back fine, but as it is limited to 100 results at a time, I need to loop through the next batch. I have my results stored in JSON object data, which is formed like this {total: 125 results read more
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1 Reply
Community Manager
June 09, 2023 18:19
Hey, @PBaxter 👋 Thanks for your question. I am not a Python expert by any means, but I know a few 😉 — @JBeatty @Teun @Chriso-mwx , do yo...read more
MDesprez on June 09, 2023
Hello, I want to create new stages for a Deals pipeline, in the past we've managed to specifiy custom internal ids ourselves to make it easier to integrate Hubspot API and benefit from having the same value across different accounts (in our case read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
June 09, 2023 11:37
Ok so if someone has the same issue, I've managed to reach my goal using the v1 api headers = { "Accept": "application/json", "Authoriza...read more
RichSteinmetz on June 09, 2023
Hey folks, We have a technical issue that currently affects 1 customer and it's not apparent from the API responses how to handle it (it might be an API bug). A customer has more than 250 static lists. We try to paginate but the behavi read more
Community Manager
June 09, 2023 18:39
Hey, @RichSteinmetz 👋 Welcome to our community! I have a few initial questions to help get us started: For your initial requests, are...read more
MAgarwal5 on June 09, 2023
Hello community members, Can I get HubSpot record Id if I have Salesforce record ID(contact Id/Account Id) via API? Thanks in advance! Best, Meenal
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Community Manager
June 09, 2023 16:21
Hey, @MAgarwal5 👋 Thanks for the great question. I have a few questions of my own: Specifically, which property are you using? Is it S...read more
Arunesh on June 09, 2023
Hi, What is the earliest date that I can request from hubspot api? After integration Can I retrieve way old data? Thanks in advance
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
June 09, 2023 12:09
Hey, @Arunesh 👋 Thank you very much for your question. To give a broad answer, you should be able to retrieve your data from any date. Mo...read more
MArmstrong34 on June 09, 2023
I want event registration on my website, but I do not want to use an embedded form. I want to use my own custom form on my website, and then the API to save the data to Hubspot. Is it possible to make the form on Hubspot, and then (using the fo read more
Community Manager
June 09, 2023 14:41
Hi, @MArmstrong34 👋 Welcome to our community! You are on the right track, but there are a few things to note: There's no direct way...read more
jeff00seattle on June 08, 2023
Files: "Upload a file" The required param " options " for " Upload a file ", property " ttl " is not documented. What is the expected format for " ttl " values? Files: Changes in v3 Where is the entire document for the Files endpo read more
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2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Contributor | Platinum Partner
June 09, 2023 03:47
@jeff00seattle Hi. > What is the expected format for " ttl " values? Please check "options description" and "example". ...read more
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