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FGilbert0 en Junio 14, 2024
We are a Consultancy firm and we have been tasked to implement a sync between Salesforce and Hubspot with Campaigns. We have a middleware (MuleSoft), but from reading the documentation for HubSpot API, it seems that it is not possible to retrieve al Leer más
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dp1911 en Junio 13, 2024
Hey! I have a webflow website using external forms. I've followed everything exactly in terms of connecting the forms to Hubspot. I have tried having them connected via the tracking code, and the Webflow -> HubSpot app, and we are still seeing t Leer más
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Junio 13, 2024 19:30
It mainly happens when an existing contact tries to submit multiple forms that add/change various properties on their contact record. The team think...Leer más
MAndrade16 en Junio 13, 2024
this is my code api_response1 = client . crm . objects . tasks . basic_api . get_by_id ( task_id =<task id> , associations = [{ "associationCategory" : "HUBSPOT_DEFINED" , "associati Leer más
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Administrador de la comunidad
Junio 13, 2024 20:52
Hey, @MAndrade16 👋 You'll need to look at breaking this into multiple calls. You can use the endpoint to retrieve association types between ob...Leer más
SKotadia en Junio 13, 2024
Couldn’t complete the connection Authorization failed because this account doesn't have access to the scopes required by the app. Please contact HubSpot support. For my app below is the Javascript code for that const handleHubspotLogin = Leer más
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1 Respuestas
Administrador de la comunidad
Junio 13, 2024 20:36
Hey, @SKotadia 👋 You'll likely need to do a scope audit and verify the account you are tying to install your app into has the appropriate Hubs...Leer más
b_gotti en Junio 12, 2024
Hi All - I have a Webflow website on which we installed the tracking code, and it works flawlessly, as we have done dozens of times. However, this time, the chat widget will not float down the page. Once you scroll all the way down, it will Leer más
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1 Respuestas
Administrador de la comunidad
Junio 13, 2024 19:50
Hi, @b_gotti 👋 Thanks for your question. And thank you for providing links to both pages. I'm sure this would an interesting problem if it wer...Leer más
EWood en Junio 12, 2024
Hi Community, Posting on behalf of a customer to see if any community developers or partners have used custom coded actions to build out reassigning incomplete tasks to newly assigned contact owners. Looking for either community collabor Leer más
Administrador de la comunidad
Junio 13, 2024 13:55
Hey hey @EWood 👋 Let's invite some of or community experts to this party — @HFisher7 @MatthiasKunz @Teun @miljkovicmisa , do you have any...Leer más
SamSellars en Junio 12, 2024
Recently, I experienced some strange behavior in a sandbox environment. Deleted all the contact records via web UI. 25K Ran a process to upsert 25K records via V1 batch api in chunks of 500. Confirmed in our logs and HubSpot logs that all recor Leer más
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2 Respuestas
Junio 12, 2024 17:37
Yep, @JBeatty I have exactly the same suspicion as you. I went too fast for it. 😀
RMcElhone86 en Junio 12, 2024
The individual who initally set up our Google sheets integration is leaving our company. It looks like either she needs to transfer ownership of every single Google sheet in our live workflows (over 200) or I need to uninstall/reinstall the Google S Leer más
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2 Respuestas
Junio 13, 2024 14:23
Thank you @Jaycee_Lewis 👋 I am the Owner of all the Google sheets but I always need to add my coworker as an Editor to the Google sheet or I am u...Leer más
siddheshr en Junio 12, 2024
I have a HubSpot workflow with one of the steps having a NodeJs script. This script is quite long and includes multiple API calls. Thus I want to have this code in a GitHub repo, so it's easier to verion control it, unit test it, and have other devs Leer más
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2 Respuestas
Guía | Partner
Junio 13, 2024 15:13
@siddheshr - I was hopeful that the new Automation (v4) API might offer what you are looking for - but, unless I'm missing something, it seems to m...Leer más
calebgib en Junio 12, 2024
I am trying to setup an oauth authorization in Postman to retrieve an access token to use to interact with Hubspot APIs. After inputting my app information and clicking "Get New Access Token", I am prompted to login to my developer account. When doi Leer más
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1 Respuestas
Administrador de la comunidad
Junio 13, 2024 20:31
Hey, @calebgib 👋 Thanks for your question. To confirm, you are using this option in Postman, correct? Additionally, are you tryi...Leer más
ScottWelch en Junio 12, 2024
Hi, we have a series of repeating live webinars which are listed internally as marketing events, and the webinar is on Zoom. I'm being challenged to display the next upcoming day and time for each webinar on our website. I've looked into Zoom ap Leer más
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2 Respuestas
Junio 13, 2024 14:04
Hi Jaycee, thanks for jumping in. I'm working in Design Manager on our website. Was looking for possibly a marketing event component (would be nic...Leer más
RRo0 en Junio 12, 2024
We offer our customers a Hubspot integration to import their HubSpot calls into our platform for further processing (nextapp.co). We're querying HubSpot's search API for new calls ( https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/crm/calls ). We then re Leer más
0 Me gusta
2 Respuestas
Accepted Solution
Administrador de la comunidad
Junio 13, 2024 17:14
Hey, @RRo0 👋 If your client is using the Aircall HubSpot integration , it looks like they can get support from Aircall (link). I noticed in t...Leer más
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