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Jun22 en Marzo 21, 2023
Hello Guys Need Help, I made display the deals associated with the company using API integrations I have api endpoint below with "Properties and Asssociations". https://api.hubapi.com/crm/v3/objects/deals?limit=10&properties=hubspot_owner_id& Leer más
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RyBaer en Marzo 21, 2023
I'm looking at this doc ( https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/working-with-oauth ) which indicates that access to automations and the Automations API requires access to Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise. This seems confusing, as Sales Hu Leer más
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chaungng en Marzo 21, 2023
Hi there, Our case is: - The Customer Experience (CX) team mostly use HubSpot for their daily tasks, they don't want to login to Jira for updating the Jira label field. - Dev team want to track those labels in Jira My questions are: 1. Is there any Leer más
dan9 en Marzo 21, 2023
I'm trying to modify the Close Date of deals but I get this error message: "days_to_close" is a read only property; its value cannot be set Is it not possible to do that?
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Administrador de la comunidad
Marzo 21, 2023 13:37
Hey, @dan9 👋 You are not missing anything. Properties marked read-only cannot be modified. By making a request to the Properties API , we can g...Leer más
PFarkas en Marzo 21, 2023
Hello! When I got assigned to a Deal as a deal owner trough API my profile automaticly starts following that Deal. Can I disable this automatic follow thing? Its really annoying when I got assigned to many Deals and getting 1000+ notifications a Leer más
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Rollout en Marzo 21, 2023
Hi there! Just stumbled upon the following typo in the properties api for the postal_mail object: GET https://api.hubapi.com/crm/v3/properties/postal_mail Returns a payload with incorrect groupName properties of postal_mailinformation ( Leer más
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Administrador de la comunidad
Marzo 21, 2023 10:02
Hey, @Rollout 👋 I see the same thing when I make a request to the Properties API using your request.     I'll share this with ...Leer más
joelslinn en Marzo 21, 2023
Hi all We're having issues with the way HubSpot handles marketing contacts. We have a marketing opt-in on sign up for our product, but all new sign ups are automatically created as marketing contacts. We need to be able to set the marketing contac Leer más
Administrador de la comunidad
Marzo 21, 2023 13:17
Hey, @joelslinn 👋 Question for you and your team. Are you using a HubSpot form? Or are you using a Forms API endpoint ? If API, are you u...Leer más
JMelichar en Marzo 21, 2023
Hi, We are operating an app that is receiving webhook notifications from HubSpot and it would help with security settings if we were able to define range of IP that these requests are coming from. Is there such range for webhook notificatio Leer más
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NGermay en Marzo 21, 2023
We built several complex custom objects in our Sandbox environment. We are getting ready to load data into our production environment and need to copy the custom objects. One option is to do it by hand within HubSpot, which will take a long time and Leer más
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AntonMal en Marzo 21, 2023
Good day, recently we had few new errors in our integration with posting new messages to this endpoint. /conversations/v3/conversations/threads/{threadId}/messages Request ids: 5143a746-0579-4e50-9e70-c68cca363a07, a9d285ce-a230-40c3-b9c6-1a62fc Leer más
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Lyndwode en Marzo 21, 2023
I am not a developer, but working with a team of devs internally. We are creating Contacts in Hubspot via the API and associating them with existing Companies with the following call: put /crm/v3/objects/contacts/ {contactId} /association Leer más
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Equipo de producto de HubSpot
Marzo 21, 2023 13:05
Heyo @Lyndwode ! I would make sure that the toggle is switched off on your portal for automatically associating contacts to company based on emai...Leer más
BClinic2 en Marzo 21, 2023
Hey can someone help me pretty please! I am not a web dev or marketer just a business woner who wants to use HubSpot for marketing to my patient list on Cliniko. I have an API from cliniko but I won't have any clue about how to use that to import my Leer más
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1 Respuestas
Administrador de la comunidad
Marzo 21, 2023 14:22
Hello @BClinic2 , let's invite some top experts to this conversation @tjoyce @Anton any recommendations to @BClinic2 matter? Thank you, ...Leer más
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