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elisestieren on December 09, 2022
Hello, I would like to create a property that collects all Wistia Media IDs a contact may view. This would be similar to the Salesforce Campaign ID that collects all campaigns a contact is associated with. Is this possible? I couldn't work read more
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andrenellin on December 09, 2022
Is it possible to add automated emails sent by HubSpot to the Contact or Deal Timeline as an event? For example Marketing Email 1 Sent,
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MdeR on December 09, 2022
Hi All, We have integrated the Hubspot Chat in our webapp and on our website. It captures all input in the webapp (as the chat box is standard opened), and on the website it captures all input when it is opened. This problem is very recen read more
JulienD8 on December 08, 2022
Hello fellows ! I am looking to know how to find the file's public url of an attachement put in a note, in my situation the notes are located in deals exclusively. I would like to use Operation Hub Pro's webhook or custom code. Is there read more
Community Manager
December 09, 2022 11:11
Hey, @JulienD8 👋 Thanks for reaching out. Hey, @weiliang_lee @miljkovicmisa , do you have any thoughts here? I don't know of a method that do...read more
YTayyar on December 08, 2022
Hi All, I am trying to install the Mictosoft Teams Plugin (Hub ID: 26675036) but I am getting this error message: "The Microsoft Teams account could not be connected. The account is connected to a HubSpot portal in a different data hosting l read more
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December 09, 2022 14:46
Hi @Jaycee_Lewis , and thank you for the reply. There is no other additional emails used to sign in. The only thing that I can think of is that ...read more
KLockhart on December 08, 2022
Do we need to change from POST v1/contacts/batch endpoint when migrating from api key to private app? I made changes to the python script we were using, but when I run the script I get results of 202 and the contacts do not get updated. Do private read more
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2 Replies
December 09, 2022 10:52
I am pretty new to python and inherited the file from a previous coworker. I read through the documentation about migration to private app and throug...read more
AB35 on December 08, 2022
Sending a POST request to /crm/v4/associations/{fromObjectType}/{toObjectType}/labels with "label" and "name" in the POST data creates a label to use for associations. What is "name" in this scenario, and how does it differ from "label"? read more
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SWarehouse on December 08, 2022
Hi, There is no Python example using the hubspot-api-client package under the "Start a new import" section of the CRM Import API endpoint section. Every other endpoint has an example using the official Python package, so it would be great if read more
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Community Manager
December 09, 2022 12:49
Hi, @SWarehouse 👋 Thanks for reaching out. I found the same thing when I view the endpoint example here, CRM Imports . On the Overview...read more
fxholl on December 08, 2022
Hello, I would like to export via API the form entries from the 3 Hubspot forms we have on our site. I am not a developer, so I've been using n8n.io for integrations. I found this post https://legacydocs.hubspot.com/docs/methods/forms/ge read more
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Community Manager
December 08, 2022 11:29
Hi, @fxholl 👋 To clarify, the endpoint is stable and supported. It's only the authorization method that is changing. I can provide links to our...read more
BikramSahu on December 08, 2022
I could upload files successfully using the POST /files/v3/files/import-from-url/asyncAPI. However, the files uploaded are unusable as they don't open when downloaded. PFA the attached screenshots. All such uploaded files occupy a read more
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Community Manager
December 09, 2022 11:44
Hey, @BikramSahu 👋 Is this issue persisting? If so, I can try to set up a similar test. Your files are hosted in a Google Drive folder with publ...read more
AShamny on December 08, 2022
Hey guys I downloaded an app to my account and I want to know if I am paying for the API calls from his side. For instence, if I am doing an action on the app and its logging it on my hubspot account, is it costing me 1 call. Thanks! read more
1 upvote
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Top Contributor | Elite Partner
December 08, 2022 09:08
Hey @AShamny , If you've integrated a system with HubSpot and it's interfacing with any of the data in your portal it would definitely be cons...read more
JDA21 on December 08, 2022
Hello, I am currently building an app that integrates hubspot with an external app. My external app needs an API Key in each request to process authenticated actions. The integration app should mostly be used in workflows and for now th read more
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Community Manager
December 08, 2022 11:14
Hi, @JDA21 👋 Thank you very much for reaching out. Let's see if we can get the conversation rolling. Hey, @Phil_Vallender @Anton @nikodev ,...read more
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