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ЯЗдесь on November 30, 2022
Is it possible to enable the "Use HubSpot mail to send notifications" checkbox via API?
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gllghr on November 30, 2022
Hello — I am working on an integration between HubSpot and another service's webhook events. Based on the information received from the other service, in HubSpot a deal, company, and contact are created. Previously, with API v1, I was able to us read more
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ErwinHolygrow on November 30, 2022
Hello, I'm having trouble automating publishing for our blog posts, creating and updating does not give errors, and hubspot docs say that for publishing the content scope is required, which is the same as creating / updating. The error I'm read more
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November 30, 2022 05:33
I'm getting the same error when I execute the endpoint via HubSpot's own "Test call" functionality. In desperation, I selected all available scopes. ...read more
geldcharm on November 30, 2022
We want to make certain pages private for our customers. Other pages will be publicly available. For the private pages, we must use our own authentication (OIDC/OAuth2) This is critical for our functionality. My questions: - Is this the right pl read more
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eagiraldor on November 30, 2022
I'm creating a public app for an integration but im still getting this error once i try to install the app. The URL is: https://app.hubspot.com/oauth/23477576/authorize?scope=crm.objects.owners.read+crm.objects.contacts.write+crm.objects.comp read more
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November 30, 2022 01:19
@eagiraldor Hi. I think your 'URL' scope is insufficient. URL's scopes: 8 app scpoes: 16 Your 'authorize URL' is copy from app 'Auth se...read more
msharma14 on November 30, 2022
Hi, By following the proper guide to generate OAuth Token in the hubSpot docs we are still unable to generate the token,Which shows the following error:- This account doesn't have access to some HubSpot features that are required by this app. Pl read more
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KGaur on November 29, 2022
Hi I am looking for the common properties that available in both table, contacts and deals. I want to join these table on some ID. 1 contact can have 2 different Deals. Thanks in advance Cheers!
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Member | Diamond Partner
November 29, 2022 23:22
Hi KGaur, I think you're looking for the Hubspot Association. From my understand, there are two ways to create association. First is from the UI. yo...read more
JGallup on November 29, 2022
Hello! I'm attempting to update some old legacy code using v2 of the HubSpot API to v3 with the new Private App authentication. In doing this I have to update a call to gather recent blog posts. With v2 of the API I used the following call and w read more
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November 30, 2022 00:56
@JGallup Hi. How about this?(change query 'sort=createdAt' → 'sort=-created' ) https://api.hubapi.com/cms/v3/blogs/posts?createdAt__lte=...read more
JDeAngelis on November 29, 2022
Hello, I'm moving from an API key to a private app. When importing data from Hubspot, I typically request a set of custom company properties following the API key. How would I do this with the private app? OLD WAY get_all_companies_url = " read more
0 upvote
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November 29, 2022 21:56
@JDeAngelis Hi. Very simple way is remove query 'hapikey=XXXX', And add http header 'Authorization: Bearer {private app token}'. Ho...read more
guerrero on November 29, 2022
Hi there, Recently for some reason, our phone number fields changed from type phone number to single-line text. We still do not know what caused this, but it's something internal with HubSpot as we didn't change anything. When we re-added ph read more
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JeffBantz on November 29, 2022
We've gone through all of our code and we think we've updated everything so that we are ready when API Key Support is sunset. However, we had hundreds of locations and I'm guessing we may have missed something somewhere. Does anyone know what k read more
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JErasmus on November 29, 2022
Hello everyone I am in need of assistance, I need to create a CRM card for a deal that displays all contacts, not contacts associated with the deal but ALL contacts within the HubSpot instance, I don't know if this is possible, secondly, the user s read more
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