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matt72 on November 30, 2023
Hello, I'm learning to code and work with web developers that can help me write code. We need to write custom code that will be used in a workflow. The code would take the contact in the workflow's phone number and check the CRM to see if their num Beitrag ansehen
0 Antwort
PElevar on November 30, 2023
Is it possible to automatically log emails to the website object? For context - when using the Hubspot Chrome Extension it's possible to automatically log emaisl to contacts, deals and companies. We use custom objects called websites, which don Beitrag ansehen
November 30, 2023 18:05
Hello @PElevar thank you for posting in our Community! Activities in a record's timeline can be associated with other records, either auto...Beitrag ansehen
christos_jubile on November 30, 2023
Hello I am using the below python function to fetch all contacts associated with a company def get_associated_contacts(access_token, company_id): url = f"https://api.hubapi.com/crm/v3/objects/companies{company_id}/associations/contact" header Beitrag ansehen
0 Antwort
airbyte on November 30, 2023
Hi We are trying to use Web Analytics events API for fetching events per CRM object and found that we can't filter events by time period using occuredAfter and occuredBefore parameters. No matter what values are passed the result is allwa Beitrag ansehen
0 Antwort
c4m1l0 on November 30, 2023
Hi, I want to know if there is an endpoint in the API to get the comments that the hubspot users made in the edit section of the emails, landing pages, campaigns and others. I'm sharing a couple of screenshots about the comments section that I' Beitrag ansehen
0 Antwort
Krishnamurti on November 30, 2023
Hi All, We have developed an app that has a crm card and it is configured to appear on the Companies, Contacts and Deals record Types. When I install this app in another hubSpot portal, the crm card appears in all the three configured record types. Beitrag ansehen
0 Antwort
JavierMoralSQ1 on November 30, 2023
Hi there!! I'm trying to build an App to work in combination with this super-useful official App: https://ecosystem.hubspot.com/marketplace/apps/sales/sales-enablement/stripe-data-sync I want to rely on that in order to avoid that "sync-task". Beitrag ansehen
0 Antwort
SMukherjee9 on November 29, 2023
Hello All, I am trying to create an API integration with Hubspot using Python via a Private App. Was able to successfully Hit the API and get back contacts data but output shows only few fields. Here is my code so far: from hubspot import H Beitrag ansehen
4 Antworten
Accepted Solution
Teilnehmer/-in | Partner
November 29, 2023 21:42
@SMukherjee9 Glad I helped answer the question. In order to retrieve all properties, you will need to include them all within that array. ...Beitrag ansehen
MH1279 on November 29, 2023
So I have a script that I'm running to create dataframe table visualizations that I want to somehow place in a cloned marketing email draft, whether as images or some sort of table. Is this something that is possible through the marketing email api? Beitrag ansehen
0 Antwort
Winnie1 on November 29, 2023
Hi, I have a HubSpot form that has some hidden fields to which I want to pass JS values. hbspt.forms.create({ portalId: "{{portalId}}", formId: "{{formId}}", onFormReady: function($form) { $('input[name="firstname"]').val("Bri Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
Teilnehmer/-in | Partner
November 29, 2023 18:43
Try this instead: onFormReady: function($form) { $form.find('input[name="firstname"]').val("Brian").change(); }
Robarrer on November 29, 2023
Hello everyone. I need to detect the "source" of a user navigating our website, and send it as a "query-param" in some of the CTAs we have. HubSpot does this automatically when a user fills out a HubSpot form, as it stores the source informatio Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
Teilnehmer/-in | Partner
November 29, 2023 18:28
You can get the URL Params within a custom module or JS file using the URLSearchParams For example: const urlParams = new URLSearchPar...Beitrag ansehen
RReiffer on November 29, 2023
Whenever I search on this page: https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/overview And I pick and click on something in the drop down it always sends me to this page https://developers.hubspot.com/#endpoint?spec=GET-/crm/v3/objects/line_items Beitrag ansehen
1 Antwort
November 29, 2023 16:02
Hey, @RReiffer 👋 That is weird. I'll track down the person or team that owns the search for the docs pages. Is this the page you'd expect...Beitrag ansehen
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