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parker1 en Junio 08, 2023
Hi there, I am looking to export my contact and deals data to conduct some candidate scoring. I am trying to user Google Cloud's connectors, but I am facing an issue with identifying the client ID v the token. Where is the Hubspot client ID when Leer más
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MakeDevelopment en Junio 08, 2023
Hello there, I have a problem, it's not related to performance, but it's confusing. By endpoint Post https://api.hubapi.com/crm/v3/objects/contacts/search I want to filter it by a custom field - it's a number with 19 characters. In response, I Leer más
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zCamacaro en Junio 08, 2023
Hello everyone, I am creating a custom code for a workflow because we need to create a task with the task's due date being a date property of the deal. Right now, I got that working but the task is not associated with the deal upon creation. I' Leer más
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Nandha18 en Junio 08, 2023
How to fetch quote data using API - I need the buyer information and deal associated data from quotes.
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NMusicki en Junio 08, 2023
Hello, I'm trying to find the Hubspot ID of my line items. Where in the CRM can i find them, without the API. I see the product library with all the line items but there is no ID written. It's because when i want to link line items and deals, i Leer más
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Miembro estimable | Partner nivel Diamond
Junio 08, 2023 13:05
Hi @NMusicki Record IDs are not typically shown in the HubSpot UI. I'm sure there's a good reason for it, but I don't know it. One wa...Leer más
jeff00seattle en Junio 08, 2023
https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/files/files Files API Endpoint Upload File params, its commented restriction is confusing for its param file . param file : binary Body param File to be uploaded. Binary string test v Leer más
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Sam281 en Junio 08, 2023
Hi everyone, I am currently trying to install a live chat on our website. However, the tracking code installation doesnt work for some reason. I am attaching a screenshot so that you can see how the tracking code is installed in GTM.
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Zayne en Junio 08, 2023
Some background. I'm trying to create another calculated field on a deal that shows the deal amount in a 3rd currency. The use case is that our South African sales teams sometimes sell a deal in CAD, but we still need this to show against a targeted Leer más
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Suvi en Junio 08, 2023
Hi, What would be the best-identifying information to integrate the company data from the custom ERP system into HubSpot? The case is that the (custom) EPR system has information about customer companies such as record id, company name, and Leer más
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Yel-o en Junio 07, 2023
I want to grab all meetings with their associated contact and currently using a GET request: https://api.hubapi.com/crm/v3/objects/meetings?associations=contacts but I feel that it doesn't pull everything since I see some meetings not listed fro Leer más
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Junio 08, 2023 16:45
Hi @Jaycee_Lewis ! Yes, I've looked into that and I believe that can only search specific contacts and not all contacts associated with a meeting. ...Leer más
S2-StvSimons en Junio 07, 2023
I have an app that has been in use for several years using OAuth, and haven't since last year tried connecting to a different HubSpot target account. Now when I do I get this 'redirect_uri doesn't match' error. App is built using the hubspot/hu Leer más
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ProVega en Junio 07, 2023
How do we create apps / build to the HubSpot Data Sync framework? There are a bunch of "apps" that say they are built BY HubSpot here - https://app.hubspot.com/ecosystem/22118615/marketplace/apps/apps-for-operations-teams These all claim to use t Leer más
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Accepted Solution
Colaborador líder | Partner nivel Elite
Junio 07, 2023 18:57
@ProVega Data sync is part of Operations Hub. Data sync apps built by HubSpot are available in the app marketplace, along with hundreds of other a...Leer más
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