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ah8 7月 12日, 2024
Hi, I am trying to figure out why the query I am making isn't working. The output shows: Debug Info: Professions: ChiropracticDoctor States: AK Renewal Date: All rows in HubDB Table: (Fills in properly) Query: profession=ChiropracticDo 続きを読む
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AngusWonde 7月 12日, 2024
I'm sending requests to the HubSpot V3 API's batch update company endpoint (POST /crm/v3/objects/contacts/batch/upsert ) and all my requests are failing with a 400 error. The documentation says to pass an `idProperty`, `id`, and `properties`. My u 続きを読む
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ガイド役 | Solutions Partner
7月 12日, 2024 09:22
@AngusWonde - see recent thread on similar issues. https://community.hubspot.com/t5/APIs-Integrations/Contact-batch-upsert-endpoint/td-p/1008345 ...続きを読む
davidcoallier 7月 12日, 2024
Hey there everyone, After building the OAuth app with the required scopes (`tickets`) we realised that non-super-admin users need to also have the "Edit Property Settings" set to on from the User & Settings → Account → Settings Access i 続きを読む
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NWirell76 7月 12日, 2024
Hopefully someone can come with some input here. I am trying to connect Whatsapp for Business to a client's ServiceHub. I have gone through the steps outlined and referenced in the community and forums. I run into two different errors. If I follow t 続きを読む
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AbdulQayyum 7月 12日, 2024
In the context of OAuth 2.0, after installing an app, it returns an access token (short-lived) and a refresh token (long-lived). For each API call, the access token must be included in the request to authorize it. What are the best practices for 続きを読む
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zeeshan180 7月 12日, 2024
Hi Community! We have developed a dashboard in hubspot which expands to different kpi's. Now, we want to extract that data of particular dashb oard (or individual kpi) using API's. Is it possible in Hubsot?
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jtsuero 7月 11日, 2024
Trying to add a contact so that when accessing contacts on portal, we can see this.   Currently my payload when creating a contact looks like this: properties: { firstname: "Test", lastname: "Example", email: "test@test.com", additional_emai 続きを読む
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DanielCS 7月 11日, 2024
We have a hubspot form from where we collect documents from clients. This documents are then attatched to their records on HubSpot. We need to upload this documents to Google Drive at a folder with the same name as the record. I have looked at a 続きを読む
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3 コメント
ガイド役 | Solutions Partner
7月 12日, 2024 12:04
So, having just wrestled the files API for uploaded files into submission, I think this would provide you with the all the options and features you w...続きを読む
EKnizhnik 7月 11日, 2024
Hey, everyone! I am trying to set up a Workflow with Custom Code which, upon the creation of a new Ticket, sets up a corresponding Task where the Task's Due Date is the same at the Ticket's Waiting on Follow Up Date property. My current issue is t 続きを読む
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LCM4 7月 11日, 2024
Hi! I'm trying to use the upsert endpoint https://api.hubapi.com/crm/v3/objects/contacts/batch/upsert to update existing contacts and create not existing ones, but cannot get it to work I'm passing the following body (fir 続きを読む
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3 コメント
ガイド役 | Solutions Partner
7月 11日, 2024 18:43
And if you do try to use 'email' as the idProperty... HTTP 400 { "status": "error", "message": "Unable to perform update/upsert by non-un...続きを読む
PWTesting 7月 11日, 2024
I get this error when trying to remove an email address from a contact: ' Cannot add/remove secondary emails for non canonical vids'. I don't quite understand why it is happening, or how to fix it. For example, our email address is a secondary ema 続きを読む
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MAlvarez43 7月 11日, 2024
I need to obtain the dates of a specific contact's associations and the ID of the contact with whom the association was made. However, I haven't been able to find an endpoint that allows me to retrieve this information. I tried looking through the c 続きを読む
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1 コメント
7月 11日, 2024 21:53
Hey, @MAlvarez43 👋 I checked our dev docs but ran into the same issue you ran into, there is not a documented method for requesting this via o...続きを読む



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