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hashnoxt 9月 24日, 2023
Hello everyone, Is there an option available to configure user permissions (such as determining who can read files, who can delete files, and who should not have access to the files) when uploading files to the file manager through the API?
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AIliescu 9月 24日, 2023
How do I turn off this kind of reply in the emails? 'Hi there, Your request has been received and is being reviewed by our support team. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.'
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MME3 9月 23日, 2023
Hello, is there a way to update contact profile picture through API?
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Winnidoux 9月 23日, 2023
Hello We use to work with DATTO RMM + AUTOTASK (too much complicated) so we decided to change from AUTOTASK to HUBSPOT. But we loose our link to DATTO RMM 😭 DATTO RMM is a supervision console of all our devices which can create ticket au 続きを読む
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トップ投稿者 | Elite Partner
9月 24日, 2023 10:23
@Winnidoux Have you looked into Recursyv? https://www.datto.com/integrations/recursyv-7
cuongdq 9月 22日, 2023
I have embedded your livechat on my website. I have a page showing each product like this: https://mywebsite.com/products?sp=product_1 https://mywebsite.com/products?sp=product_2 How can clicking on product_1 open a conversation for product_1 C 続きを読む
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OEhrenberg3 9月 22日, 2023
Hello, I wonder how we can get info from deal stages, where customers are in our hubspot to a java program, does anyone have a code for this that we can use in java?
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robin_lord 9月 22日, 2023
I'm posting this partially to help people get past what I was stuck on up until now and partially to hopefully get some help/a sense check on the next bit. What I'm trying to do: Extract all emails tracked as part of the Hubspot email plugin 続きを読む
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3 コメント
9月 23日, 2023 15:40
Thanks very much for the response! OK that's exactly what I needed - confirmation 🙂 BeautifulSoup and lxml are actually my next port-of-call!...続きを読む
MHanitzsch 9月 22日, 2023
Hello, we have created SMTP tokens to send for example invoice from our billing database via Hubspot. After the email is sent, the send status and subject of the mail is dropped at the respective contact. Unfortunately, we have not found a way to 続きを読む
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devcer 9月 22日, 2023
Added my tracking code to my nextjs site <script type="text/javascript" id="hs-script-loader" async defer src="//js.hs-scripts.com/abcd.js"></script> and my form is getting submitted to hubspot properly. However, 続きを読む
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9月 22日, 2023 13:19
Hi Madeleine, I was able to figure out a way that works. I disabled the `Non-hubspot forms` setting for my form and started submitting the data throu...続きを読む
VarovV 9月 22日, 2023
I'm connect Hubspot form to webflow form with Hubspot App in webflow. But if I submit to webflow nothing comes to hubspot. What's the problem? In webflow form and hubspot embed form same fields name Map Webflow Form to Hubspot Form with same 続きを読む
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fdemo 9月 22日, 2023
Hi all, I have some inquiries about the HubSpot Files API. When I upload a file through the UI to a HubSpot object (like a Deal or a Company) using the attachment section, I can't see the file I uploaded in the HubSpot file manager section. 続きを読む
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Yel-o 9月 21日, 2023
Is it possible to batch read all meetings based on the meeting type? Not all meetings have a unique value. The meetings logged are more than the limits so I was hoping I can do a batch read once in a while but I need something to retrieve it. I thou 続きを読む
0 いいね!
1 コメント
9月 22日, 2023 13:35
Hey, @Yel-o 👋 It looks like you are on the right path. Making a batch call with associations in a single call is a request I've definitely in th...続きを読む



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