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aressler on June 28, 2022
Something internal is updating tasks with new last_updated fields. Then it make the recent engagements API useless.
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EDevTeam on June 28, 2022
Hi guys, I can not create or update store via api This is a issue: Create or update store for portal_id='22115039' failed with error: 500 stdClass Object ( [status] => error [message] => internal error [correlationId] => aaf8bd25-9962-4d1 read more
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testctrl on June 28, 2022
Hello everyone, I am trying to use the hubspot client for typescript to do a crm search. According to the docs, you can specify sort in the following way: "sorts": [ { "propertyName": "createdate", "direction": "DESCENDIN read more
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NBahatka on June 28, 2022
Don't view a new message on end-user side when trying to send the message in Facebook chat (Facebook messanger - 1001) via POST conversation API, but view it in the inbox URL : POST https://api.hubapi.com/conversations/v3/conversations/thre read more
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UmmeKulsum on June 28, 2022
Team, Our internal dev team uses this API to upload a file to HubSpot - https://api.hubapi.com/filemanager/api/v3/files/upload While I try to preview the files on HubSpot, am not able to preview only the .png files. Whereas I can preview al read more
CHayot on June 28, 2022
I want to be able to redirect to a contact's page from an external application. I build the url by doing so ` https://app.hubspot.com/contacts/${contact['portal-id']}/contact/${contact.id }` Unfortunatelly when it comes to hubspot I get redirected t read more
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Community Manager
June 28, 2022 12:29
Hi @CHayot 👋 Thanks for adding those details. @Anton @himanshurauthan any thoughts on making this work? Best, Jaycee
ChristopherLege on June 28, 2022
Hi, we have a slight problem: There is a Marketing Event that was created in the Frontend (UI). It was an offline event and therefore no app was used as integration. We wanted to upsert all the contacts via API. With our normal API requests read more
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JBui on June 28, 2022
Hi I am desperatly looking for a solution for my Nodejs app. The mission is to get company-based workflows using the v3 api endpoints. Using the endpoint in this docs: Get workflows | Workflows API (hubspot.com) All I received are just contact read more
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Community Manager
June 28, 2022 12:07
Hey, @JBui 👋 To confirm, you are not missing an option. From the Get Workflows API documentation : Note: The Workflows API currently only su...read more
MVickers on June 28, 2022
Hi all, we have a new company trying to build an API into our hubspot. We have tried them doing this the same way as previous companies have but they are getting an error. Im not sure what could be causing this but hubspot "sup read more
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Community Manager
June 28, 2022 10:32
Hey, @MVickers 👋 In my experience, providing additional information can help the community to better understand the root issue. Can you ad...read more
rechavar on June 27, 2022
Hi everybody!!! Happy Summer!!!! So.. Once again its me looking for answers 😅 The thing is, I have a custome code in a workflow, this custom code inputs secrets, the access token and the refresh token for whatever API. I need to update the acce read more
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Community Manager
June 28, 2022 11:09
Hey, @rechavar 👋 Thanks for the question. Let's see if we can get the conversation started — @taran42 do you have any thought on if this is p...read more
CScott88 on June 27, 2022
App ID 279670 is stuck in the "scope migration in progress" status. When I try to complete the migration (via the Migrate app scope / Update installs step), I get an error message ``` Something went wrong when completing your app's migration P read more
0 upvote
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Community Manager
June 28, 2022 10:56
Hey, @CScott88 👋 Is this issue persisting? If so, can you DM the portal ID for your Developer account where this app lives? I'll check with my i...read more
Fdev0 on June 27, 2022
Hi there, I have embed the HubSpot meeting widget in my react project via an iframe and I am experiencing unexpected behaviour on some mobile devices where text fields shrink or parts of the page get cut off (device examples: iPhone XS and andro read more
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