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haroon957 le Mai 17, 2024
Hi guys, our web app fails user session validation when i try to display my widget in iframe after clicking on a button in deal card. The issue seems to be cookie not being allowed to set by Hubspot which fails the session validation. Similar issue Lire la suite
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PHuk le Mai 17, 2024
Hi, I have a problem getting the properties of a form. I don't have its ID, but I have an inbox ID that this form is associated with. Using conversations api, I can get inbox channels - but there is no form ID returned. Below is the json: { Lire la suite
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skerdi le Mai 17, 2024
The Ecommerce Bridge API has been sunset, as mentioned in the HubSpot APIs | Deprecated APIs . Since the Import Pages Endpoint was closely linked to the Ecommerce Bridge API, I want to confirm if the Import Pages endpoint has also been de Lire la suite
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JVolschenk le Mai 17, 2024
I need some assistance with the WhatsApp (Meta) integration. I tried creating a WhatsApp template that includes a flow, but the template doesn't show up in HubSpot. Regular templates work fine. I have a Meta Developer Account, but I'm stru Lire la suite
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fraz le Mai 17, 2024
Is there an efficient way to get the Pipeline that is associated with a thread of messages? Thanks
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ASELLAMI le Mai 17, 2024
Hello HubSpot Community, I'm new to HubSpot and currently working on a project using Next.js version 12. I need some guidance on how to add the HubSpot tracking code to my Next.js application to track visitors and page views.Is there a step-by-s Lire la suite
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SLITTeam le Mai 17, 2024
Hi, We have a form which we are submitting via forms api ( https://legacydocs.hubspot.com/docs/methods/forms/submit_form ). For some reason ticket is not created from the API submission while when we submit same data from hubspot form ticket Lire la suite
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MMajchrzak le Mai 17, 2024
Hello. I wanted to know whether is there any possibility to achive such scenerio: We want to use HubSpot SMTP server to send our transactional emails, get analytics for them while keeping templates on our side (in our app, not creating them insi Lire la suite
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JSharma5 le Mai 17, 2024
Hi, Is there a way to directly access the checkout page from the quote information using the API? I am currently creating quotes using the CRM APIs and I want to retrieve checkout page URL directly which is accessible after clicking "Pay Now" bu Lire la suite
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Gestionnaire de communauté
Mai 17, 2024 11:50
Hi @JSharma5 , Thank you for reaching out to the Community! I'd like to share this API documentation for information: " Quotes ". I'd like to i...Lire la suite
titosilva_trink le Mai 16, 2024
Hi everyone! I've been working in an integration to show CTAs created via Hubspot to specific users based on their login email in our platform. We understood that this is done by using the tracking code API, as described in the doc https://develop Lire la suite
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JSteinshouer le Mai 16, 2024
Hello. I am new to GraphQL so I am likley not doing something the correct way. I am trying to query to filter results using the OR operation. Here is my query but it does not return any results. query MyQuery { CRM { contact_collection(limit: Lire la suite
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Doug_at_BX le Mai 16, 2024
Hello - ever been in that situation when an employee leaves and the systems start misbehaving? Yep. Happening. My HS tech goto guru is sailing other seas. We (I) set up a "private" app via our developer account about 8 months ago. The app i Lire la suite
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Contributeur de premier rang | Partenaire solutions Gold
Mai 17, 2024 09:09
I don't have an answer for you, but if you don't get an answer I would suggest joining the HubSpot Deveoper Slack and ask over there too. https://d...Lire la suite
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