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peterluba on June 30, 2022
Hi, I'm getting this error when I try to delete a custom object. Object type 2-7119732 is currently used in 1 places and cannot be deleted Here's the full error: https://d.pr/i/53NpM0 any ideas what I have to do?
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SWells7 on June 30, 2022
Hello. I am looking to create a workflow based on SurveyMonkey responses, but am not sure if HubSpot is capable of quite this level of specificity. One of the questions we are asking in our survey is contact information for an employee's manager. Fr read more
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Accepted Solution
Community Manager
June 30, 2022 15:02
Hey, @SWells7 👋 Your instinct is correct here. That is one function that Workflows cannot accomplish — they cannot evaluate if a specific list e...read more
IntegrationDev on June 30, 2022
Hello, When a V3 GET object data request asks for association details (e.g GET {baseUrl}/crm/v3/objects/deals? associations=... ), the response sent back contains an association object per relevant association. These objects contain a label pr read more
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lbailey5588 on June 30, 2022
// Track the page view for the new page var _hsq = window._hsq = window._hsq || []; _hsq.push(['setPath', '/etc']); _hsq.push(['trackPageView']); <---- WAIT for hubpot to get the data before doing anything else I want to do this, but must read more
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RBouchard-Tre on June 30, 2022
Hi, I have a problem with a landing page, I would like to add a search bar that would allow me to pull results from my blog, my FAQ and my website in general. However, since the blog and the FAQ are not on the same subdomain, the Hubspot search bar read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
June 30, 2022 15:51
Hey, @RBouchard-Tre 👋 Thanks for reaching out. I don't have any direct experience here. Do you have any thoughts on if this is possible, @himan...read more
JStones on June 30, 2022
I'm using the @hubspot /api-client to search for deals in HubSpot. Specifically I'm using the doSearch function. For example: const data = await hubspotClient . crm . deals . searchApi . doSearch ( publicObjectSearch read more
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1 Reply
June 30, 2022 05:52
Apologies, this was a mistake on my part. It is working fine.
JHowardAdapt on June 30, 2022
Hi, I am trying to access the new merge endpoint found here from the Hubspot client within a custom code block of a Hubspot workflow but I get this error: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'merge' of undefined" I used the Nodejs example f read more
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1 Reply
Community Manager
June 30, 2022 15:36
Hey, @JHowardAdapt . It looks like @LMeert had some insight on your original post here . @JBeatty @Kevin-C , do you have any thoughts on using...read more
Setmore on June 30, 2022
Our application receives webhooks of contact.propertyChange subscription type when new contact is created in Hubspot. Even though our system is coded to avoid duplicate on the occasions of multiple notifications for same event, these webhooks read more
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peterluba on June 29, 2022
I'm trying to delete a custom object from my account, but keep getting this error when I go to delete the schema: category: "VALIDATION_ERROR", subCategory: "ObjectSchemaError.EXISTING_OBJECT_RECORDS" Any ideas?
0 upvote
2 Replies
June 29, 2022 14:27
I deleted all of them and it's still giving that error: https://d.pr/i/DFXUck See here how I've deleted everything... * https://d.pr/i/VQXYBI ...read more
lbailey5588 on June 29, 2022
Hi - We have a WP page that loads the Hubspot tracking script via the WP plugin. But sometimes the page needs to instantly redirect to an external website based on some JS we execute after page load. It seems the hubspot script almost never execut read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
June 30, 2022 14:22
Hi @lbailey5588 👋 Thanks for your question. And for including those details 🙌 Let's see if we can help get the conversation started. ...read more
EulleSA on June 29, 2022
Hello, everybody! I'm trying to integrate the deals endpoint to get all deals and after, get lastmodified properties of these deals. But, I noticed that in some cases is more easy work with the legacy endpoint than V3. Is it safe to use the legacy read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
June 30, 2022 16:32
Hi, @Jaycee_Lewis ! Thanks for the response! So in this case, it's ok to use these endpoints from the legacy documentation like https://legacyd...read more
eibach-cv on June 29, 2022
I'm looking for a way to track returns in Hubspot. Initially I created a custom deal stage called "Returns", but then found that I cannot use custom deal stages with the eCommerce Bridge API as it does not recognize them as being a valid stage f read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
Accepted Solution
Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
June 30, 2022 00:26
Hello, @Jaycee_Lewis thank you for tagging me in. 🙂 So @eibach-cv , this can be done with the help of workflows. What you need to do is...read more
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