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Marc-Anthony 4月 16日, 2024
Hello here. I am posting a message here because we are facing strange behaviour. Here is the description of our workflow: We create a contact through API. Then we search if the contact's company exists through the search API. We base this 続きを読む
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AFranco98 4月 16日, 2024
Hi, everyone! I am working on develop an app with Hubspot but I don't find which is a good starting point. I don't fully understand how to work after create an app on Hubspot. The main problem is how to work from VSCode on an app already created, 続きを読む
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キーアドバイザー | Platinum Partner
4月 16日, 2024 11:22
Hi @AFranco98 You can refer to the link attached, I hope this will help you to resolve your query. https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/c...続きを読む
vdr1 4月 15日, 2024
Given a deal, how to I get the line_items associated with it via the REST api? I would expect somethng like an SQL foreign key property to relate the line_item back to the deal. There has to exist some way of relating the two, but I cant f 続きを読む
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TBennison 4月 15日, 2024
How can I override or replace the Hubspot call button to resolve the call with different software? I would need to send the contact information (name and phone number) and the user's ID, perhaps by a webhook, to a different app when the call button 続きを読む
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LCoker 4月 15日, 2024
If there was previously a value for a property, multi check box, the API result is returning "". If there was never a value selected, the result is "NULL". We need to understand exactly what/how the "unknown" value is stored so we can sync data cor 続きを読む
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4 コメント
4月 16日, 2024 11:12
Yes, here they are.  
PDev6 4月 15日, 2024
Hey team, I am working on developing an integration and wanted to check if it is possible as a third party developer , to dynamically list items with a control button, (say fetching entries by making an API call), on the app settings page of the 続きを読む
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1 コメント
4月 15日, 2024 15:06
Hi, @PDev6 👋 Welcome to our community! All the available options are listed here — Create a settings page for your app . I'd like to invite a f...続きを読む
nomoredesign 4月 15日, 2024
Hi all! I have a Webflow collection for a company's events and there's a registration form on each of the collection pages. Is there a way I can connect each of the Webflow forms to its own Hubspot form? I'm new to Hubspot, so apologies if any of 続きを読む
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2 コメント
4月 15日, 2024 17:02
Hi @Jaycee_Lewis , and thanks for taking a look at this. Will the integration you mention work on collection pages in Webflow? As far as I can ...続きを読む
VLarue 4月 15日, 2024
Hello, There is an API endpoint "Resubscribe a contact" documented but it does not seem to work. When I try a test call I have the response " The scope needed for this API call isn't available for public use". Is there any way to make this 続きを読む
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キーアドバイザー | Platinum Partner
4月 16日, 2024 04:17
Hi @VLarue You can refer to the screenshot and attached link for your reference ( CLICK HERE) I hope this will help you out. Ple...続きを読む
VDelaRosa6 4月 15日, 2024
Hi, I am trying to setup a custom code that would add x day on the certain Date Property. How can I do it?
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1 コメント
4月 15日, 2024 05:47
Hey, you need to get the date property first then reference it in your custom code and manipulate the code depending on the language you are using fo...続きを読む
HunorSZ 4月 15日, 2024
I'm facing issues while integrating HubSpot with a third-party platform due to limitations in the webhook event subscription tool of the private app. Challenges: No filtering: Unable to specify which objects to monitor for changes. For instance, 続きを読む
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1 コメント
4月 15日, 2024 15:19
Hi, @HunorSZ 👋 Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, the functionalities you're looking for, specifically object filtering and including op...続きを読む
PaulBishop 4月 14日, 2024
Hi All, I have some custom date fields on my deals which I would like trigger a webhook for my custom app when changed. When looking at the webhook subscirption for property changes these fields do not show up. Ideally I would like these fi 続きを読む
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3 コメント
Accepted Solution
4月 15日, 2024 02:40
I hope I have the solution now: Type the custom property into the subscription 🙂 I thought the dropdown was the only option but it has let me ...続きを読む
Canadero 4月 13日, 2024
This is probably going to the one of the most noob questions possible. I have a workflow. In that workflow I need to issue a POST request to an API to retrieve some information. The API authenticates via OAuth. The Webhook authentication conf 続きを読む
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2 コメント
4月 15日, 2024 16:30
Hi Jaycee, I have seen the page you link to numerous times but it explicitly states " Use webhooks in workflows to send or retrieve information ...続きを読む



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