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Bronette en Abril 25, 2024
I'm trying to get a Company Id via searching by Company name via so I can add Company engagement notes however; when I query the companies search object API via the name, it just returns individual contact objects for that company and NOT the compan Leer más
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Mobydick en Abril 25, 2024
Hello, I tried to batch create ~3k contacts. Successfully created 2,890 contacts but then the api failed with the error: ForbiddenException: (403) Reason: Forbidden HTTP response headers: HTTPHeaderDict({'Date': 'Thu, 25 Apr 2024 14:00:5 Leer más
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KSingh42 en Abril 25, 2024
Hey - im using python but im unable to loop through my API response. Im using the search api and the api response looks something like this. What I need are the values of the properties. Basically I need the firstname and hs_object_id of each use Leer más
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KGondek en Abril 25, 2024
Good morning Apologies if someone already asked elsewhere, I am utilizing the API to retrieve all contacts from our records and then perform tasks on them. However, there are many custom made views created by the Sales team which only contai Leer más
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hattiefawcett en Abril 25, 2024
Anyone know a workaround to speed up the process of Dotdigital Engagement Cloud syncs? It takes us forever because of having to scan through all the excluded data. We're dealing with millions of contacts and it's just not practical. Started a sync a Leer más
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HDhillon en Abril 25, 2024
getting an error while creating a contact or deal with this code const hubspot = require('@hubspot/api-client'); const hubspotClient = new hubspot.Client({"accessToken":"CPLZ3Z7xMRIZAAEDQAAA4QAAAAAQBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACBjp2fIVIOySyR8o5YnFATIUiSO3VlRb Leer más
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TristanBM en Abril 24, 2024
Hi there, I'm trying to fetch subscriptions via the Payments API, however I can't list subscriptions due to a scoping issue. The necessary scopes are in fact available for the access token that I'm using, however. eg. ``` GET https://api.hubapi. Leer más
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MVermeulen en Abril 24, 2024
Can anyone help with this. My hubspot forms dissapear from my website when denying cookie consent. Installed cookiebot, put the cookies from huspot as nesesarry. Website made with webflow Cookiebot installed with GTM. No idea why this is happ Leer más
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rasoriano en Abril 24, 2024
So before actually discovering that there's a built-in function to remove / load a widget, we are doing it using a CSS class: const hubspot = document.getElementById('hubspot-messages-iframe-container'); if (hubspot && role === Leer más
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AFleischer en Abril 24, 2024
We have integrated Weglot into a test site and the translation is very good. Unfortunately, the forms are not translated. Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this? Can the Java script be integrated into a form module? <script type="text/j Leer más
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thecoolcoder en Abril 24, 2024
I have a React card that I built and I am listing links in custom card that I create in iframe. I am trying to refresh the contents of the card after I add a link in the iframe. My card should show new link in card. But currently, I have to manually Leer más
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MHenderson42 en Abril 24, 2024
I am getting duplicate after tokens when doing GET request to conversation messages. Example: .../conversations/v3/conversations/threads/{threadId}/messages?limit=500&sort=createdAt&after={afterToken} The first request returns a pag Leer más
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Abril 24, 2024 16:15
I've tried a few things: Adding and removing sort Ascending and descending sort Setting the limit or removing to use default The pattern goes l...Leer más
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