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stephen-msc on April 05, 2024
Which developer APIs will get me the Ticket and its associated emails with content exported? Even this can be achieved with a combination of API calls that is alright. I just need to know the logical steps for calling the APIs and getting an export read more
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4 Replies
Accepted Solution
Top Contributor
April 17, 2024 18:25
Hi @stephen-msc 👋 I see, thanks for clarifying what you're trying to achieve. When using HubSpot's GET {Object Type} API endpoints, ...read more
ecancil on March 18, 2024
We have a ticket that we use the API to add tasks to between 20-50 times a day. Over the last few days not all tasks have been displaying. As I scroll sometimes they load at the top (where they should have been to begin with), other times they read more
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4 Replies
May 10, 2024 09:40
Yes, that's basically the issue.
EBloom on March 05, 2024
Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone has successfully done this? I am looking to pass unique marketing IDs from our CRM to a client's pixel in GTM, but first need this pushed to our GTM data layer. I've been having a hard time finding what the macro i read more
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2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Guide | Diamond Partner
March 07, 2024 08:12
Hi @EBloom , When you refer to contact ID, are you referring to the object ID in the CRM? I don't believe that id is generated until the form is sub...read more
phuoctruong on February 23, 2024
I am developing a workflow using Dataops - customcode to add something from Hubspot ticket to Azure DevOps work item as a comment. Here is my script: from azure.devops.connection import Connection from msrest.authentication import BasicAuth read more
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3 Replies
Accepted Solution
February 28, 2024 23:09
I fixed the above issue using python3.10 instead of 3.8
karkaletsis on August 28, 2023
I am using API to create a ticket by posting the following JSON to https://api.hubapi.com/crm/v3/objects/tickets { "properties" : { "hs_pipeline" : "0" , "hs_pipeline_stage" : "1" , "hs_ticket_priority" : "HIGH" , read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
October 08, 2023 00:43
Thank you. i Got exactly what i want KaBoom
Phwilson17 on May 26, 2023
I'm trying to use the retrieve ticket get request with /crm/v3/objects/tickets but noticed that it only returns a small amount of tickets at once and from oldest to newest. It does provide a link to get the next batch but I'd rather not have to make read more
1 upvote
2 Replies
Key Advisor | Platinum Partner
June 06, 2023 02:40
Hi @Phwilson17 Sure, there are a few ways to get all tickets in a single call or to get the list to return from newest to oldest. **Get all ti...read more
Astroraf on January 31, 2023
I am using Python to extract the data from HubSpot with the Private App API calls. I am using the Ticket and Contacts to load into dataframes within my python environment. Tickets give me these key attributes: archived archived_at as read more
0 upvote
6 Replies
February 07, 2023 12:29
get_object_id = api_client .crm.tickets.associations_api.get_all( ticket_id = 1407233837 , to_object_type = 'contacts' ) get_objec...read more
TChu7 on December 14, 2022
Hi team, I have trouble when trying to obtain an access token following this instruction: https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/oauth-quickstart-guide Before, my app had only 3 scopes crm.objects.contacts.readcrm.objects.companies.readcrm.obje read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
Accepted Solution
Community Manager
December 14, 2022 15:21
Hi, @TChu7 👋 Thanks for reaching out. Non-specific errors and warnings like this can be frustrating. I have a few questions to help get us start...read more
Tharun on June 20, 2022
Hi, Can someone help me by showing sample request/response or real-world postman requests on how to associate a deal or contact a ticket using association API? I went through the official API documentation, but it is lacking information and als read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
November 23, 2022 07:33
Hi Jaycee!! I searched for this a lot, thank you. Nevertheless, I still need a little bit more to achieve the goal. - When I associate the contact t...read more
Ran-ST on February 03, 2022
Can I use the API to retrieve all the contact's communication history? We have an external website and use HubSpot. We wish to display the user history of his communications with us, including: Chat Is there any API to receive history read more
Community Manager
February 04, 2022 04:40
Hi @Ran-ST Thank you for reaching out. I want to tag some of our experts on this - @himanshurauthan @miljkovicmisa @zaklein do y...read more
SHussain99 on February 03, 2022
I want a custom form to receive and send messages with respect to ticket/contact, after creating a custom form i don't see a form POST URL : https://api.hubapi.com/forms/v2/forms Body: { "name" : "Test form 2" , read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
February 08, 2022 04:34
@dennisedson yup, getting a success message on the monitoring tab. please find below attachment
BB33 on September 01, 2021
i am using hubspot ticket with api. i am sending NOTE from hubspot pannel, ( as admin response) but admin's response , ordered before client's question ! (i created ticket and add engagement from api , but admin responded from hubspot pannel, so read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
Thought Leader | Elite Partner
September 03, 2021 09:38
Hello @BB33 , Activities (notes and all engagements) lists based on the DateTime , if you want to re-order them, you have to manage the time....read more
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