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Tharun on June 20, 2022
Hi, Can someone help me by showing sample request/response or real-world postman requests on how to associate a deal or contact a ticket using association API? I went through the official API documentation, but it is lacking information and als read more
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1 Reply
Community Manager
June 21, 2022 15:23
Hey, @Tharun 👋 In my experience, the Community will need additional information to help you out in the manner you are requesting. This includes:...read more
Ran-ST on February 03, 2022
Can I use the API to retrieve all the contact's communication history? We have an external website and use HubSpot. We wish to display the user history of his communications with us, including: Chat Is there any API to receive history read more
Community Manager
February 04, 2022 01:40
Hi @Ran-ST Thank you for reaching out. I want to tag some of our experts on this - @himanshurauthan @miljkovicmisa @zaklein do y...read more
SHussain99 on February 03, 2022
I want a custom form to receive and send messages with respect to ticket/contact, after creating a custom form i don't see a form POST URL : https://api.hubapi.com/forms/v2/forms Body: { "name" : "Test form 2" , read more
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3 Replies
February 08, 2022 01:34
@dennisedson yup, getting a success message on the monitoring tab. please find below attachment
BB33 on August 31, 2021
i am using hubspot ticket with api. i am sending NOTE from hubspot pannel, ( as admin response) but admin's response , ordered before client's question ! (i created ticket and add engagement from api , but admin responded from hubspot pannel, so read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
September 03, 2021 06:38
Hello @BB33 , Activities (notes and all engagements) lists based on the DateTime , if you want to re-order them, you have to manage the time....read more
ilmalana on August 31, 2021
Hi, I have a problem with the service API tickets filtering data with several parameters like the following : 1. pipeline stage 2. created date 3. ticket owner please help, thanks
0 upvote
11 Replies
September 07, 2021 01:21
btw, can you help me for another question? i stuck in this case, link below thanks https://community.hubspot.com/t5/APIs-Integrations/API-Get-ticke...read more
BB33 on August 30, 2021
Hi, i want to integrate with hubspot-ticketing system. my client want to create ticket and send reply with attachments. admins have to response to ticket with hubspot-panel. as i understand, for create ticket and then , add reply for ticketk : i read more
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1 Reply
August 30, 2021 01:18
i also saw the SDK's github, its just wrapper on api. ( i mean sdk does not have any solution or trick to call less api ?) isn't it ?
KHeinrichs on August 05, 2021
I'm using the tickets endpoints in the CRM API as part of an ETL process that results in the loading of tickets into our data warehouse. I'm using the a fairly standard framework that loads new tickets and updates existsing tickets. I also pull the read more
3 Replies
January 02, 2022 16:58
I'm upvoting this because HubSpot support told us some of our ticket workflows aren't working because the tickets they're running on are merged. I kn...read more
cwinhall on January 26, 2021
Hello HubSpotters! I am trying to retrieve the current count of tickets sitting in a specific swimlane wihtin a pipeline via the API but not having much luck finding where or how to do this. If anyone could point me in the right direction fo read more
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2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Community Manager
January 27, 2021 17:11
Hey @cwinhall I would look into the filter, search, search endpoint for tickets. There, you should be able to filter by the hs_pipeline_sta...read more
cto-skipr on August 10, 2020
Hi, We are considering the use of Service Hub to replace our current ticketing solution. However, to do so we would need to be able to manage ticket from a mobile interface. Based on the ticket api it is unclear to us: if we can reply to a ticket read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted Solution
HubSpot Employee
August 11, 2020 23:04
Hey @cto-skipr , While it is not possible to reply back to a ticket via the ticket API. You can create email engagement with attachments and a...read more
diegofischer on July 17, 2020
Hi there, I'm a newbie coder (I'm in business, not engineering), have a very important task to deliver asap and have no clue on how to do it. THE TASK: I need to code an AWS Lambda function to pull tickets data to Fivetran. HELP: I don't read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
HubSpot Employee
August 23, 2020 22:52
Hey @diegofischer , When looking to get tickets updates, you can use the Get a log of changes for tickets . However, do note that the changes...read more
marcjanssen on May 27, 2020
Hi, we create tickets form conversations (standard automation) and via the API with form posts. Since this evening I do see new contacts, with created tickets in the contacts timeline and I do see new tickets created in the conversations timeline.. read more
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1 Reply
HubSpot Employee
May 29, 2020 07:16
Welcome, @marcjanssen . Thanks for reaching out. To help me troubleshoot, could you share a link to an example contact record showing th...read more
AndreiSmolin on May 14, 2020
Hello, Sorry, I suppose I choose a wrong label; I don't know what label to use. I haven't found a better place to let you know about an issue recently reported to us by an Add-in Express customer. The report is published at https://www.add-in-e read more
4 Replies
June 08, 2022 07:21
Hello HubSpot Team, It may be easier for you to contact us - in case you need this - if you know that we've moved to EU, namely to Poland. R...read more
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