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JoyVillapando on February 20, 2024
Hey everyone, I was wondering if there is a way to track when a user logs in through the membership login templates. I need to add tracking through GTM; but there doesn't seem to be an event or api to check whether a login is successful. Thanks for read more
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DTyburek on February 20, 2024
Hello, I am trying to get Engagement - Email using HS Api. Example request: https://api.hubapi.com/crm/v3/objects/emails?limit=50&archived=false&properties=hs_email_status&properties=hs_email_text&properties=hs_email_subject&a read more
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Community Manager
February 20, 2024 17:19
Hey, @DTyburek 👋 Welcome to our community! Have you tried using the Search API for this one? It allows you to search Engagements , use a fil...read more
WShi0 on February 18, 2024
Hi community! The feature I want to develop here is to embed a hubspot meeting scheduler into our landing page, and redirects to a hubspot form when the meeting is confirmed. But the whole behavior happens in a modal, so I use iframe to embed the me read more
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aqsa31 on February 15, 2024
Hi, I am a complete beginner in using APIs and extracting data but has been given a task to create a POC of extracting data from hubSpot. But the issue is I keep getting this message. Error obtaining access token: 400 - {"status":"BAD_AUTH_COD read more
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February 16, 2024 01:07
Hi @aqsa31 👋 Have you inspected the value of your variable " authorization_code"? The reason I ask is that this error response occurs when t...read more
jadawag on February 08, 2024
Hi all I'm fairly new to hubspot and I'm trying to do unit testing to some of our customized card that our team is developing using react testing library unfortunately I'm unable to do this. I keep getting an error about importing somethig fro read more
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3 Replies
Community Manager
February 09, 2024 15:22
Let's see what some of our brilliant community members have to say — hey @zach_threadint @coldrickjack @alyssamwilie , do you have any exp...read more
ASpyropoulos on February 08, 2024
Hey all, Does anyone knows why the deals API response contains many fewer attributes than the ones returns by the webhook or the ones existed in the UI? I am using the crm/v3/objects/deals endpoint. In the 1st db screenshot are the fields from th read more
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Accepted Solution
Community Manager
February 08, 2024 16:27
Hi, @ASpyropoulos One of your screenshots isn't loading for me, but I'm pretty sure I understand. The CRM endpoints only return a small su...read more
RKerrison on February 06, 2024
Hi everyone I am looking for assistance and knowledge with the following Creating a ticket in Hubspot: I have provided a link to our website developers which connects to and creates a ticket after submitting a form. However they are wan read more
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2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Community Manager
February 07, 2024 12:31
Hi @RKerrison 👋 Welcome to our community! Thank you for posting your question. Your devs can check out the Tickets API which allows ti...read more
srai1260 on February 06, 2024
I have created a public app and installed it. I can access it in contacts and deals. I wanted it in workflows but it's not visible in connected apps. What should I do to make it visible in workflows.
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2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Community Manager
February 08, 2024 11:15
Hey, @srai1260 👋 Thanks for your question. Here's the guide for C reating Custom Workflow Actions . Have fun building! — Jaycee
AVM on February 06, 2024
Hi, I'm trying to retrieve all contacts updated or created today. I'm using filterGroups to achieve that but I have not been able to get this happen. My url is: https://api.hubapi.com/crm/v3/objects/contacts?limit=100 And my body request: read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Top Contributor | Partner
February 06, 2024 18:33
@AVM - forgive me for the comment, but shouldn't the API be https://api.hubapi.com/crm/v3/objects/contacts/search? And I think you will f...read more
Julien7720 on January 30, 2024
We are facing problem when integrating the new API system of recordings and transcripts. https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/crm/extensions/recordings-and-transcriptions the documentation isn't very clear and the endpoints supplied can't b read more
0 upvote
4 Replies
February 05, 2024 09:05
Hello, where can we find the log or any other details of what is happening in the background as the audio file is not downloading, we don't know wher...read more
GSharifi on January 29, 2024
I tried the Html export option but that uploads to the content into a CSV file and content is in HTML format. Anyway that I can export to plain text or enrchid (how it appears on the websit)? Thanks.
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1 Reply
Most Valuable Member | Diamond Partner
January 29, 2024 20:19
@GSharifi you could access the template code from the backend, but you wouldn't be able to access this for all of your posts. The CSV makes i...read more
tpcloud on January 24, 2024
Hello, I want to get direct link of video player (hubspot), it seems to be an m3u8 master file, I want to get direct link to mp4 or m3u8 video. Is there any way? Sorry if my question is a bit stupid, I'm new to hubspot email and need to learn read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
January 24, 2024 13:16
Hey, @tpcloud . Thanks for your question. I don't have any HubSpot documentation on extracting direct video links (like MP4 or M3U8) from the vi...read more
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