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ah8 en Julio 12, 2024
Hi, I am trying to figure out why the query I am making isn't working. The output shows: Debug Info: Professions: ChiropracticDoctor States: AK Renewal Date: All rows in HubDB Table: (Fills in properly) Query: profession=ChiropracticDo Leer más
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0 Respuestas
NWirell76 en Julio 12, 2024
Hopefully someone can come with some input here. I am trying to connect Whatsapp for Business to a client's ServiceHub. I have gone through the steps outlined and referenced in the community and forums. I run into two different errors. If I follow t Leer más
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1 Respuestas
Administrador de la comunidad
Julio 12, 2024 14:18
Hi, @NWirell76 👋 Thanks for your question. Let's invite some of our community experts to share their insights — hey @tverdokhlib1 @Alej...Leer más
Tatschilka en Julio 11, 2024
Hi, we are creating language variations of pages with the API. now we have the ai-translations tool in the backend with which we can create translated page variations. We want to use this with the api, how is this possible? there is nothing to find Leer más
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2 Respuestas
Julio 12, 2024 02:58
Hi albertsg, i already browsed the docs but didn't find what i am searching for. Maybe to clarify, i want to use this feature from the backend via ...Leer más
lmops24 en Julio 10, 2024
Hello! We are currently using the search API. The 'description' property of our results varies when we use LENGTH=LONG, so we attempted to use LENGTH=SHORT. It still giving us the same result in the 'description' although the documentation states Leer más
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1 Respuestas
Administrador de la comunidad
Julio 11, 2024 15:07
Hey, @lmops24 👋 Thanks for your question. Can you share an example request, please? Also, can you link me to the doc you are using? I want to...Leer más
PDelfinHipoli en Julio 10, 2024
Hi HubSpot Support Team, I am developing an app for HubSpot and would like to know how I can create custom components that are automatically installed in the accounts of users who install my app. I would appreciate any guidance or documentation yo Leer más
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0 Respuestas
Maarten_Vintage en Julio 09, 2024
We are experiencing serious issues with rather straightforward HubL queries on our HubSpot instance for a client. You have been made aware of this already via various e-mails. Here is one example of an issue. Data has been anonymized to protect our Leer más
1 Me gusta
2 Respuestas
Julio 10, 2024 19:30
@Maarten_Vintage I spoke with someone from support and they understood my issue and said they would be in contact with their team to see how they ...Leer más
DGrumellon en Julio 09, 2024
Hello everyone, I'm currently facing an issue with synchronization using the HubSpot API. As some of you might know, HubSpot has a rate limit of 150 requests per second. I have two data sources from two different environments, which makes it chal Leer más
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2 Respuestas
Guía | Partner nivel Gold
Julio 10, 2024 22:20
Hi Dylan, Great suggestions from @TDwebdev on methods you can implement to handle rate limits and to optimise within the rate limit envelope....Leer más
HarrisBlondman en Julio 09, 2024
Hello, first time poster here 👋 I'm working on the website of a client who uses Hubspot. I have a few questions to which I couldn't find definite answers via other support channels. Context: I need to build a form that matches the design o Leer más
Julio 10, 2024 05:53
Thanks @Jaycee_Lewis for confirming that and how this would be possible, and for pointing me in the right direction in Hubspot's documentation. Al...Leer más
CHutt5 en Julio 08, 2024
Hi there, I'm trying to setup up conditional fields in my CRM Card. The card i have has a form embeded. In the form i have a select and and a toggle property. One of the the conditions on the form is that when the toggle is on, the select va Leer más
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1 Respuestas
Julio 08, 2024 13:39
Hi! @CHutt5 Is there a reason why you couldn't replace the selection with a field to show End User when the toggle is on versus have it as a select...Leer más
JoannaBudries en Julio 05, 2024
Hi does anyone know if the default connect can read/write to custom transaction body fields on the customer and contact record in HB and NS?
0 Me gusta
2 Respuestas
Julio 09, 2024 14:50
Hi I intsalled the latest HubSpot Netsuite app from the suitemarketplace (NS 3rd party apps) in NS.I know custom segments are not supported but are ...Leer más
jpdorla en Julio 02, 2024
I am getting this error with a workflow I created "The following filter types are not supported by historical evaluation and may show inaccurate or unexpected results: INTEGRATION_EVENT" My workflow is simple: Check if a contact attended Leer más
1 Me gusta
2 Respuestas
Solución Aceptada
Colaborador líder
Julio 02, 2024 10:46
Hi @jpdorla The error message is because HubSpot workflows aren't capable of using historical evaluation for INTEGRATION_EVENT filters, maki...Leer más
ABhambere en Julio 02, 2024
Hi, Hi is it possible in hubspot to pull data using PUT request? In my case databricks will push data from S3 to Hubspot via put request, if it is feasible? Also can we pull calls, emails, tasks, meetings, accounts which are present in salesfo Leer más
1 Me gusta
5 Respuestas
Colaborador líder
Julio 03, 2024 07:44
Hi @ABhambere HubSpot's file storage doesn't directly connect to external services like Amazon S3. You can try the options like data trans...Leer más
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