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MarcusBB on September 30, 2022
I'm trying to do a simple search of deals: find all deals with a dealstage of closed won. This is proving surprisingly difficult. The documentation is not very helpful - the UI forces you to see everything through a very small portion of the win read more
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EBuenaventura on September 09, 2022
I'm using PHP to create a card and its been working for a couple of years since I got this type of error last August 16,2 2022. Can anyone help me with this type of error, already tried to set header to "Content-type: application/json"
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2 Replies
September 12, 2022 18:24
Hi @Jaycee_Lewis Good day, thanks for your reply on this matter. Currently I'm using Codeigniter v3.1.2, the image below was the response to the ...read more
NDK on September 05, 2022
I've given my app read access to custom objects and that allows me to get all schemas, the request goes through but when I for some reason try to create a schema using the PHP client from hubspot, I get unauthorized error. Why could this be happ read more
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HubSpot Product Team
September 09, 2022 10:23
@NDK , mind sending me the info you sent in that form in a dm? I will make sure it gets to the right place
Flow1 on September 01, 2022
Using the API and PHP how can we show content or give access to areas based on if a user is on a Hubspot list or not. For example: if (user is on list YYY) { show THIS } else { show THAT }
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HubSpot Employee
September 02, 2022 06:17
If possible you may not need PHP at all. HubSpot exposes the lists a contact is associated with in a page request variable called r equest_contact.li...read more
EHowey on August 30, 2022
When there's an instance of a property value being invalid, the exception in the PHP API is truncated. See an example below: [400] Client error: `POST https://api.hubapi.com/crm/v3/objects/contacts?hapikey=<redacted>` resulted in a `400 read more
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6 Replies
Accepted Solution
September 01, 2022 09:06
The Guzzle library likes to truncate the error response by default. You can use its accessors to fetch the full response body, as in this forum disc...read more
YMahule on August 25, 2022
Our product is SaaS based product. Our maily focus on creating courses and assoigning it to users for learning purpose.Our product is customer eduction plateform for others. I want to integrate with HubSpot, I want to push courses information,traini read more
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Accepted Solution
Contributor | Elite Partner
August 26, 2022 02:34
Hi @YMahule , How exactly are you planning to use HubSpot in this instance? Are you going to use it for marketing communication to generate si...read more
deandamasig on August 25, 2022
Does HubSpot cache the results of the following APIs? https://legacydocs.hubspot.com/docs/methods/contacts/get_contacts https://legacydocs.hubspot.com/docs/methods/contacts/search_contacts If so, how long does it keep the results?
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Community Manager
August 26, 2022 09:12
Hey, @deandamasig 👋 Thanks for the great question. Looking here — Cache data for repeat calls , caching will need to be handled on your end. Am...read more
AbenCermeno7 on August 24, 2022
Greetings, I'm trying to develop a customer portal where you can see the tickets linked to the logged user, I'm using the tickets API and the conversations API to send messages into the ticket thread, but the problem I'm finding is that it only lets read more
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Recognized Expert | Diamond Partner
September 03, 2022 03:14
No, you won't be able to get the actor id using the visitor identification API but using the Visitor Identification API. You can pass logged-in user ...read more
SArnaud on August 18, 2022
Hi, I'm try to integrate your chat in our app's back-office, and few questions appears. 1/ Is there a way to get all threads and message by user id ? For the moment, I have to do something like this getThreads => get an id on there for request read more
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1 Reply
Community Manager
August 22, 2022 08:33
Hey, @SArnaud 👋 For questions 1 & 2 it will always require multiple calls. For Q3, let's see if the community has any additional thoughts — ...read more
EMCC on August 17, 2022
Hello, I am trying to implement the contact creation API using a html form to capture leads. I have created the API key by creating the private app in my hubspot account. But when i am using that particular API key to make the request API call it read more
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3 Replies
Community Manager
August 23, 2022 13:07
Hey, @LeeBartelme I think this error is telling us that they put the private app key in the request URL, like you do for an API key, instead of inc...read more
PeterRagheb on August 17, 2022
I'm trying to delete an association between "Contact" and "Company" using API v1 following the documentation . But it doesn't seem to be working. The response is 204 as described in the documentation however, the association remains. Am I missing s read more
Community Manager
August 17, 2022 16:02
Hey, @PeterRagheb 👋 Can you share an example request and response? Along with a screenshot of the record persisting in-app? Having additional in...read more
EMCC on August 17, 2022
Hello, I am trying to implement the contact creation API using a html form to capture leads. I have created the API key by creating the private app in my hubspot account. But when i am using that particular API key to make the request API call it read more
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Community Manager
August 18, 2022 13:18
Hey, @EMCC 👋 It looks like your request is combining both methods of Authorization. If you are using a private app, then your request URL will n...read more
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