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GCxm001 on Abril 12, 2024
I am looking for a JS code to user the MailTester Ninja Email Checker API Anyone using nodejs + axios could help ? I would like to qualify my mailing list before any communication to help getting a better sender reputation
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2 Respostas
Autoridade no assunto | Parceiro Elite
Abril 19, 2024 01:02
Hey @GCxm001 , you can use this js code to verify email is valid or not. Note:- You are limited to one query per minute: Try MailTester Ninja u...Leia mais
Phwilson17 on Maio 26, 2023
I'm trying to use the retrieve ticket get request with /crm/v3/objects/tickets but noticed that it only returns a small amount of tickets at once and from oldest to newest. It does provide a link to get the next batch but I'd rather not have to make Leia mais
1 avaliações positivas
2 Respostas
Conselheiro(a) de destaque | Parceiro Platinum
Junho 06, 2023 02:40
Hi @Phwilson17 Sure, there are a few ways to get all tickets in a single call or to get the list to return from newest to oldest. **Get all ti...Leia mais
Sebdec on Abril 06, 2023
For single page application, we want to track the navigation of user before submitting a sign up form which creates the contact. We set the tracking url for page views: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/reports/set-up-sources-tracking#:~:text=to%2 Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
1 Respostas
Gerente da Comunidade
Abril 07, 2023 19:52
Hi, @Sebdec 👋 Thanks for reaching out! Let's invite some community members to the conversation. Hey, @miljkovicmisa @MatthiasWeber @prosa ,...Leia mais
Sugapriya9293 on Janeiro 27, 2023
https://legacydocs.hubspot.com/docs/methods/workflows/v3/create_workflow . I am planing to programmatically create workflow and use actions EMAIL, UPDATE_LIST. What are the allied JSON properties for these actions? Where can I find the requ Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
1 Respostas
Solução Aceita
Gerente da Comunidade
Janeiro 30, 2023 18:22
Hey, 👋 To confirm you are not missing any additional examples or documentation outside the endpoints listed here — Workflows API Overview ...Leia mais
Vighnesh on Dezembro 15, 2022
Hi Everyone, Is there any way we can integrate Hubspot Forms API on our website developed on REACT node.js? Also, please provide details of how and where Hubspot Forms API can be used, kindly provide in-depth details. And, how do you recomme Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
1 Respostas
Gerente da Comunidade
Dezembro 16, 2022 13:10
Hi, @Vighnesh for requests of this nature, I'd suggest providing the steps you've already taken and where you are stuck. Including details such as ...Leia mais
RodrigoWallace on Fevereiro 10, 2022
I want to get all contact list with some properties and when i tried to pull that from the api the return is not what i requested, missing some properties, using here version v1 of hubspot api
0 avaliações positivas
2 Respostas
Fevereiro 10, 2022 19:25
contacts/v1/lists/all/contacts/all?property=address&property=cpf&property=city&property=estado&property=cep&property=hs_object_id&...Leia mais
Ran-ST on Fevereiro 03, 2022
Can I use the API to retrieve all the contact's communication history? We have an external website and use HubSpot. We wish to display the user history of his communications with us, including: Chat Is there any API to receive history Leia mais
Gerente da Comunidade
Fevereiro 04, 2022 04:40
Hi @Ran-ST Thank you for reaching out. I want to tag some of our experts on this - @himanshurauthan @miljkovicmisa @zaklein do y...Leia mais
Sand on Dezembro 15, 2021
Hello, I hope someone can help me : I got a message that my API key has been inactive for over 120 days and that it will automatically expire in 45 days. What are the implications if i don't renew it (as I have no clue to what I am using it for) ? Leia mais
1 avaliações positivas
2 Respostas
Solução Aceita
Equipe de Produto da HubSpot
Dezembro 16, 2021 12:12
Hey @Sand It will only matter if you are using it for some integration. If you have an app that uses a API key and it expires, it will no longe...Leia mais
boartsy on Dezembro 03, 2021
Hi, what's wrong with my code : var express = require ( 'express' ); var app = express (); app . set ( 'port' , ( process . env . PORT || 5000 )); app . use ( express . static ( __dirname )); Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
1 Respostas
Colaborador(a) | Parceiro Platinum
Dezembro 06, 2021 04:19
Hi @boartsy , There is nothing wrong with you code. You are serving a webserver with express on port 5000. I copied your code, did npm insta...Leia mais
Jkaelin on Outubro 19, 2021
Is it possible to display and list a app on Hubspot Marketplace without an effective Hubspot integration? I'm interested in displaying a app on Hubspot Marketplace to show interesteds what the app is doing and how is it working and where they can g Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
1 Respostas
Gerente da Comunidade
Outubro 19, 2021 23:17
Hi @Jkaelin , There is a required process to take in order to list your app in the HubSpot App Marketplace. Please feel free to check out ...Leia mais
PedroLima on Janeiro 22, 2021
Hi Community! Hope you are all doing well 🙂 Does anyone know if it is possible to link HubspotDB with deals as Line items? To give a bit of context my team is about to sync our Store website with Hubspot. Our customers will have a record creat Leia mais
0 avaliações positivas
4 Respostas
Orientador(a) | Parceiro Diamante
Janeiro 28, 2021 13:04
Hey @dennisedson , @PedroLima Sorry for the late response, I'm not enitrely sure, maybe with the APIs or Zapier? But I think Custom Objects wou...Leia mais
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