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SebDaniels on January 23, 2023
Hi all, There is a potential data breach when using the Eventbrite integrated app from the HubSpot Market place. I have one Eventbrite account - lets call it User#1. We work for multiple clients that use Eventbrite - let's call them Or read more
9 Replies
Thought Leader | Partner
January 23, 2023 09:44
@SebDaniels I would definitely let them know about the issue, and your idea. The app marketplace has the support info if you want to try calling di...read more
aparisi on January 13, 2023
Dear HubSpot community, I'm integrating our system using the HubSpot API. When I create a Contact, I use the property associatedcompanyid to associate an existing company. My questions are: I couldn't find a way to subscribe to that pro read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
Contributor | Diamond Partner
January 16, 2023 19:56
Hey @aparisi ., At this time, HubSpot does not have a timeline for when it will make the API read-write for association events. If you would l...read more
Eliai91 on December 21, 2022
I don't get the point of Event for facebook in HubSpot. They're setup to deliver offline events so i can't use as target when running a FB Campain. Furthermore they are all under "other" event so even if want to crate a custom conversion I can't s read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
January 03, 2023 05:55
Hi @Eliai91 Thank you for reaching out! I'm not an expert with events and Facebook but I found the following knowledge base articles t...read more
SRitchot on November 30, 2022
Hi, I want to set the identity of the User using a Module created on Hubspot in the section Design tools. I have seen the Tracking Code API and did try the code example given in the module. But this is not working. Can you guide me? /* The below read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
December 06, 2022 11:17
Hi @Jaycee_Lewis , I wasn't able to make any progress on this.
MCarreiro on November 28, 2022
Hello, We've been working with HubSpot Embedded Lead Forms for a few years now. In order to detect when lead forms has been submitted, we use the `onFormSubmit` event to trigger one of our own custom methods in a JavaScript wrapper. Beginning this read more
1 upvote
4 Replies
January 03, 2023 07:13
HI @Jaycee_Lewis , We haven't heard anything back with regards to this issue we experienced in November. Are there any updates or can we expect to ...read more
DBhatt888 on November 22, 2022
I want to move new private app api (V3 API). Please help me what is alternative of below api. without hubspot api key. below is api document link. https://api.hubapi.com/email/public/v1/events?hapikey=demo&campaignId=13054799&&reci read more
November 23, 2022 07:30
https://api.hubapi.com/email/public/v1/events?hapikey=demo&campaignId=13054799&&recipient= " + receipient + "&limit=10&startT...read more
JSteindorf on November 18, 2022
The below call will give data per contact. /events/v3/events/ eventType={EVENT_NAME}&objectType=contact&objectId={CONTACT_ID} How do you get data for all contacts for that eventType, instead of only per contact.? Also, read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
November 18, 2022 10:47
Below is the call, how would i get data for all contacts ?
dino56 on November 08, 2022
What the title says. I have custom events for my users and I want to associate those with their contact or user objects. Is that possible?
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
November 09, 2022 11:05
Hi, @dino56 👋 Can you tell us more about what you've already tried? Or provide any additional details? Hey, @LMeert , do you have any tho...read more
GC5 on November 03, 2022
Hi everyone, i am trying to integrate hubspot chat with javascript code, and i am having a problem. Theese are may steps: 1. loading the chat with the method: window.HubSpotConversations.widget.load() 2. Passing email and token of the read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
November 03, 2022 13:23
Hi, @GC5 👋 Thanks for reaching out. Hey, @LMeert @Teun , do you have any feedback or tips on how @GC5 ? Is there any additional information ...read more
ujuttu on October 24, 2022
Hi I want to get all events from all of our campagins. right now we have 659 compagins estimated events aroud 15M -20M records. I tried getting this infomation using single thread but it's taking too long. I am wondering how I can able to do mult read more
Community Manager
October 24, 2022 14:37
Hi, @ujuttu . Thanks for reaching out! Hey @JBeatty , do you have any experience setting up what @ujuttu is describing? Thank you! — Jayce...read more
YTintpulver on October 11, 2022
Hi, We currently are using the Calls api to retrieve our calls. What we've noticed is that we cannot pull the time the user said the call took place. I'm sure we're missing something obvious but it's not listed in the properties section of the read more
1 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Top Contributor
October 12, 2022 04:42
Hi @YTintpulver , I'm assuming you are using the Engagments API to pull call data down? What you're looking to do is possible, the data you ...read more
glenFitted on October 10, 2022
I am trying to retrieve email Events associated w/ a Campaign using api.hubapi.com/email/public/v1/events. In doing so, however, I only want to retrieve "DELIVERED" or "OPEN" events. I can get all event types by not passing eventType, or either, by read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
October 11, 2022 09:29
Thanks for the response; afraid I've tried this syntax. It does not work.
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