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Lorinda on August 10, 2022
Hi All, I'm attempting to pull contacts and deals from the API by descending order of when they were last updated. I don't have access to the GraphQL API on my clien't plan. I'm using the below to pull the contacts along with custom attr read more
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VMDev on August 08, 2022
I am trying to build the integrations between my existing application and HubSpot. We have started using HubSpot as CRM and have loaded the contacts in it. The contact has many properties. PFA property data on the dashboard. Task : I want to fet read more
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2 Replies
August 09, 2022 06:48
Hi @Jaycee_Lewis , In my dashboard for a contact mentioned below, I can see many properties Reference: https://app.hubspot.com/contacts/22293174/c...read more
AKempynck on August 04, 2022
I'm trying to extract 31k contact records through endpoint: /crm/v3/objects/contacts Documentation allows up to 100 records per request (limit=100 parameter). I'm also including the property parameter in which I defined 133 properties. This read more
August 06, 2022 05:47
This is the request I'm making to the endpoint. The properties parameter (highlighted yellow) has about 133 values in it. Below that picture is the r...read more
AChopra on August 04, 2022
Can anyone please post the API for Hubspot list of users including 2FA asap?
Accepted Solution
August 04, 2022 04:08
@AChopra it might not be possible to retrieve the status of 2FA and/or MFA due to security reasons. Someone with such a list of users could target ...read more
Otaka on August 03, 2022
Hello! I have a question on the import API. I want to import using `POST /crm/crm/v3/imports` with CONTACT and DEAL associations. And I want to do this by importing multiple files. The common column is `email`. But I get the following error. read more
Community Manager
August 04, 2022 13:02
Hi, @Otaka 👋 Thanks for reaching out. Hey, @tjoyce @himanshurauthan @DanielSanchez @Levi do you have any insight you can share with @O...read more
Michael_Flindt on August 03, 2022
Client error: `POST ~ website~ ` resulted in a ` 401 Unauthorized` response: { "status" : "error" , "message" : "The OAuth token used to make this call expired 19207 day(s) ago." , "correlationId" :"b698a855 (truncated...) S read more
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Community Manager
August 04, 2022 09:08
@miljkovicmisa , could you lend a hand here?
JChiodinGuimp on August 03, 2022
Hello! My name is Jerónimo and I am a backend developer. I am doing some tests with the endpoints to create and obtain contacts in PHP, obtained from the following documentation: https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/crm/contacts#endpoint?spe read more
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4 Replies
Community Manager
August 08, 2022 15:19
Hey @tjoyce @Anton do you have any PHP experience you can share with @JChiodinGuimp ? Thank you very much! — Jaycee
RoloDevTeam on August 03, 2022
Hi, I would like to do the scope migration of our HubSpot app. We are receive the email from HubSpot Platform Team appsupport@hubspot.com . We are ready for the migration but we don't see in our app ' Ready for scope migration '. What to do ? read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
August 03, 2022 21:47
Thanks for your valuable time @Jaycee_Lewis . We will waiting for the solution. Please let me know what to do ?
CBryant4 on August 02, 2022
When retrieving Contact Notes via your API, I currently receive a response containing something like this (for each note): { "id": "123", "properties": { "hs_attachment_ids": null, "hs_createdate": "2022-07-27T00:20:07.839Z read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
August 02, 2022 17:15
Hi @Jaycee_Lewis - thanks for your reply. I tried a request similar to yours but still didn't get the associations returned. Here is my (seria...read more
ACarGa on August 02, 2022
Hello everyone. I'm trying to get contact info by contact id and these: ["company, notes_last_updated, firstname, lastname, createdate, lifecyclestage"] are the properties I need but for some reason, I'm not getting all of them. When I change th read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Community Manager
August 03, 2022 12:04
Hey, @ACarGa 👋 Can you add the following, please? The specific endpoint you are using. It sounds like you are using the Read endpoint, a...read more
mandou13 on August 02, 2022
Hello, I can't manage to get all associations between objects. For example here are the contacts that are assigned to this company When I GET the data in the /associations endpoint, I retrieve only 2 contacts for this company.. D read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
August 03, 2022 00:42
Hey Jaycee, Thanks for your help !! Here is the request that I do : hubspotClient.crm.companies.associationsApi .getAll(event.object...read more
YChen63 on August 01, 2022
Hi all, I am writing a Python script for automating the process of creating a lot of properties in Hubspot. My code looks something like (taken from the tutorial shown in https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/crm/properties client read more
Accepted Solution
August 02, 2022 10:32
I have been in similar situations and typically HusSpot is not the issue based on the returns I am getting. If this were me, I would have another ap...read more
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